Interview Roulette: Morticia Knight

It’s Morticia Knight’s turn to play!


  1. Shopping—love it or leave it? If it’s online, it’s like a disease where I need immediate intervention. But if it involves putting on pants and leaving the house? Not so much.
  2. Which of your characters is most likely to end up in the emergency room and why? I’d say Zero from Biking Bad. He’s more comfortable letting his fists talk for him in most situations.
  3. If you could be any other living person for a single day, who would you be? Oh wow. Hmm. Uh, I don’t know? It’s complicated enough for me to be myself without adding anyone else to the mix!
  4. What is your theme song? The Fellowship of the Rings theme. I’m always on quests and shit.
  5. Due to a magical curse, for the rest of your life you can read only one genre of books. Which genre will it be? Not gonna lie. LGBTQ romance. More specifically? Historical.
  6. Which of your characters would make a good BFF? Kyle from Building Bonds. He’s got a good heart, and even though he’s painfully shy, once he gets to know someone he’s always there for them.
  7. Describe a memorable dream—or nightmare! I’m all alone. I’m rolling a big donut, and this snake wearing a vest… Oh wait. That was Pee-Wee Herman. I haven’t had this one in a while, but it’s a classic for a lot of people. I’m back in high school and I’m naked, but of course, no one else is. I’m actually surprised that any of us survived high school with our psyche intact, since so many people have had either that dream or something similar.
  8. What’s your writing style—slow and steady or full speed ahead? Full speed, baby.
  9. You can eat only one ice cream flavor for the rest of your life. Which is it? That’s easy. Coffee!!!
  10. What is something you regret not doing that you’ll probably never have the chance to do? I wish I could’ve gone to Everest, at least to base camp. I would’ve been lucky to survive even that far. These days, I’d be lucky to survive the drive to the airport.

Embracing destiny was never meant to be easy.

Morgan can’t figure out where he belongs anymore now that a new world has emerged in the aftermath of the Alasharian invasion of Earth. Everything is too strange and frightening and all he wants to do is hide from it all. It doesn’t help to ease his confusion when he finds himself being drawn to not one, but two aliens. He thought his cousin Chris was insane to fall in love with the muscled warriors who bonded with him as his mates, but his own heart might be in danger when it comes to the warrior Rama, and Hallosh, an advisor to the Alasharian’s Supreme Commander, the Nall.

Chris experiences a terrifying vision from the Soul Healer and it becomes clear that both Alasharian and humans are running out of time to save the Earth from the insidious spread of the Void. A battle is imminent and it becomes imperative to protect those who are allied against the evil that has corrupted the Nall.

Everything on Earth is about to change once again and Morgan finds himself at the brink of discovering his own destiny—and how the two aliens he can’t get out of his mind will be a part of it. A disturbing event triggers the beginning of the fight against the Void. Chris and Morgan must separate for the first time since the invasion, with each of them going with their soul matches. For Morgan, he hopes the goodbye he says to Chris isn’t forever.



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Author bio:

Author Morticia Knight spends most of her nights writing about men loving men forever after. If there happens to be some friendly bondage or floggings involved, she doesn’t begrudge her characters whatever their filthy little heart’s desire. Even though she’s been crafting her naughty tales for more years than she’d like to share – her adventures as a published author began in 2011. Since then, she’s been fortunate enough to have several books on bestseller lists along with three series’ titles receiving recognition in the Rainbow Book Awards.

Once upon a time she was the lead singer in an indie rock band that toured the West Coast and charted on U.S. college radio. She currently resides on the northern Oregon coast and when she’s not fantasizing about hot men she takes walks along the ocean and annoys the local Karaoke bar patrons.



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Interview Roulette: Wendy Rathbone

Today’s player is Wendy Rathbone!

  1. What is your theme song? I would love it if the Tangerine Dream soundtrack for the movie “Legend” would follow me around. If I can pick only one song, well, that changes for me from year to year. For a long time it was “Human” by The Killers. Before that it was “Wearing the Inside Out” by Pink Floyd. Now I’m not sure. My theme changes with my mood.
  2. What hobby do you wish you could take up? Years ago I was on a bowling league. I haven’t bowled in at least two decades. I think I might like to do that again.
  3. What did one of your characters last order from Amazon? This is easy because my characters are imprisoned for part of my newest novel, “The Android and the Thief”, so they have time to read. My character Khim just ordered “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu. His beloved Trev just ordered Ray Bradbury’s “Dandelion Wine”.
  4. Describe one of your weird or quirky habits. I collect sterling silver rings. I wear a crazy lot of rings. I even type with them on.
  5. You have just been crowned leader of a small island nation. What’s your first official act? Release the dragons and free all the slaves. If that’s not an issue, then I would legalize gay marriage. If that’s not an issue, then I would make available all secret documents pertaining to UFOs.


Book blurb:

The Android and the Thief, Wendy Rathbone

Will love set them free—or seal their fate?

In the 67th century, Trev, a master thief and computer hacker, and Khim, a vat-grown human android, reluctantly share a cell in a floating space prison called Steering Star. Trev is there as part of an arrangement that might finally free him from his father’s control. Khim, formerly a combat android, snaps when he is sold into the pleasure trade and murders the man who sexually assaults him. At first they are at odds, but despite secrets and their dark pasts, they form a pact—first to survive the prison, and then to escape it.

But independence remains elusive, and falling in love comes with its own challenges. Trev’s father, Dante, a powerful underworld figure with sweeping influence throughout the galaxy, maintains control over their lives that seems stronger than any prison security system, and he seeks to keep them apart. Trev and Khim must plan another, more complex escape, and this time make sure they are well beyond the law as well as Dante’s reach.


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Author bio:

Wendy Rathbone lives with a cat, three dogs, and her partner of 36 years, Della. She has been writing since the age of twelve. She lives in the high desert of southern California.

Male/male romance has been a passion of Wendy’s since before the signature “m/m” was even invented. She wrote a lot of slash fanfic in various fandoms to assuage that obsession but moved on to original writing in the fields of science fiction, fantasy, and horror where she is published in many anthologies and magazines. Her novels include both indie and traditional published.

She is an award-winning poet, a graduate from UCSD, and runs her own retail business.

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Interview Roulette: V.L. Locey

Today V.L Locey spins the wheel!

  1. If you could spend a week in one historical place, where and when would you choose?

Greece. I’m a huge Greek mythology buff and it’s always been a dream of mine to visit Greece and see the ancient ruins in person.

2.We all know about those big prizes such as the Nobel and Pulitzer and Academy Award. If someone invented a new prize that you were a shoe-in to win, what would it be?

It would be the ‘Drink Coffee While Making Words and Chatting on Facebook About Mats Zuccarello’ award. (For those who don’t know who he is, Mats Zuccarello is a hockey player for my beloved New York Rangers.)

3. You’re on a ship with Mark Twain, Albert Einstein, Catherine the Great, David Bowie, Billie Holiday, and Gengis Khan. But oh no! The ship is sinking and the lifeboat only holds four people. You get to decide—who gets on that lifeboat?

For sure David Bowie is the first to get a seat. I’m still not over his passing as I was a huge fan. Then Mark Twain as he’s been an inspiration to me for many reasons. Albert Einstein would get a seat and then I guess me. Or should I be noble and go down with the ship? Ugh! Moral questions at 5:30 am. The fourth seat goes to Billie Holiday. I’ll float alongside and hopefully not turn into shark bait.

4. What is your worst phobia?


5. Paper or plastic?

I prefer paper but don’t get it anymore.

6. Someone is writing your biography. What’s the title? And who plays you in the movie?

“She Loved Hockey and Wrote Steamy Man Love Stuff” would be the title. Melissa McCarthy would be a good choice to play me.

7. If one of your characters were to practice a random act of kindness, what would it be?

Victor Kalinski finding a foundling kitten and adopting it. Trust me, that would be HUGE for Vic.

8. One of your books is being made into a movie. Who would you cast for the major roles?

We’ll use my new book, Open Net. I’d cast Carey Price in the role of August Miles since he was the inspiration for the characters looks and skill set. As for Sal Castenada, that role would go to Diego Luna with shorter hair.

9. You’ve been invited to a party being held by your boss. Which of your characters will you take with you as your guest?

Not Victor that’s for sure. Probably Mario and Lila from ‘Snap Shot’ or perhaps Tennant and Jared from the coauthored book I wrote with Rj Scott, Changing Lines.

10.What is your least favorite thing about California?

I’ve never been so I have nothing but wonderful things to say about California.


August Miles has the world on a string professionally.

Augie, as his friends and teammates call the unassuming young goaltender, is on the fast track to the pros. The starting goalie for the Cayuga Cougars, he has a year or two in Cayuga to hone his skills and all his career dreams will have come true. Pity his personal life isn’t riding the same high. He’s the only one among his group of friends without that special someone to call his own.  Until he meets Salvatore Castenada at a lakeside party. The attraction is white-hot and more than a little wonderfully overwhelming for the romantically inexperienced goalie. August quickly discovers that Sal is everything he’s dreamed of in a man: mature, settled, sinfully handsome, and filled with gentle humor. Sal is also HIV positive.

Will Sal’s revelation about his status end this budding relationship before it can even begin? Or will the two men be able to handle the challenges life—and a championship run for the Cougars—throws at them?



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Author bio:

V.L. Locey loves worn jeans, yoga, belly laughs, walking, reading and writing lusty tales, Greek mythology, Dr. Who, Torchwood, the New York Rangers, comic books, and coffee. (Not necessarily in that order.) She shares her life with her husband, her daughter, one dog, two cats, a flock of assorted domestic fowl, and two Jersey steers.

When not writing spicy romances, she enjoys spending her day with her menagerie in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania with a cup of fresh java in hand. She can also be found online on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and GoodReads.




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Interview Roulette: Jana Denardo

Jana Denardo spins the wheel today!


  1. Which (living) celebrity would you most want to have dinner with? This was the hardest one. Probably because the one I’d most like to have dinner with has passed (Leonard Nimoy). I considered George Takei (my first crush as a kid), J.K. Rowling or Tom Ellis (because he’s pretty hot as Lucifer) but yeah I think I’d like to sit down with George. I could have done this coming January because he’s on the Star Trek cruise but it’s the week the spring semester begins.


  1. Black licorice—yay or nay? Here’s the weird thing, I’ll drink licorice flavored alcohol without blinking an eye but no, I don’t really like black licorice the candy.


  1. What did one of your characters last order from Amazon? No doubt manga or a Star Trek collectible. Most of my characters are absolute geeks. I can definitely see Aaron laying in an order of manga and a Star Trek T-shirt.


  1. Which of your characters would make a good BFF? Aaron from Kept Tears would be a good BFF. We both like science and medicine. We’re into steampunk and anime. He’d be fun to talk to long into the night.


  1. Paper or plastic? I have a million canvas bags I cart everywhere. But if I had to chose, it’d be plastic because with my damaged hand, I need handles.


  1. Which of your characters should run for US President? I suspect all of my characters would run screaming from the very idea. Rhys is an elfin prince so he’s used to ruling but he’s not a fan of it. Actually, Agni from Soldiers of the Sun, would be good. He’s intelligent, calm and good at taking charge.


  1. There’s Tumblr site called Describe a Film Plot Badly. Describe one (or more) of your own book plots badly, in no more than 140 characters. What’s more deadly? Demons or a surprise family visit.  – Soldiers of the Sun.


Fae assassins, elfin royalty and grad school finals, and Aaron thought losing his arm would be the toughest thing he faced. – Kept Tear


  1. Which would be your preferred vacation choice: a luxury hotel, an apartment in a historic building, or a tent? Hands down, historic building. I go out of my way to stay in historic hotels when I get the chance. Bonus if it’s haunted.


  1. Shopping—love it or leave it? Depends on the shopping. If it’s geeky collectibles, books or food, I can shop all day. Anything else I can leave it. If it’s shoe shopping, I run screaming.

Book blurb: Having left most of his arm and his self-confidence behind in the Afghanistan desert, young veteran Aaron Santori has enough on his plate learning to use his prosthetic arm. Attending graduate school at the University of Pittsburgh makes life both interesting and challenging. Mentally, he’s ill prepared for meeting Rhys Edwards, a young-adult novelist from Wales and everything Aaron could want in a man. Between the scars from the explosion and his PTSD, he’s reluctant to date. Ready or not, though, Aaron finds himself jumping into the deep end of the relationship waters.

What Aaron couldn’t possibly know is that Rhys isn’t human at all. As a prince of the Tylwyth Teg, Rhys is fae, with a list of enemies he’s accumulated over the past few centuries—among them a former lover, Morcant, who is back to make Rhys’s life miserable. An unwitting pawn in their Machiavellian fae politics, Aaron only knows he’s falling in love, never suspecting love might be his death sentence.


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Author bio: Jana is Queen of the Geeks (her students voted her in) and her home and office are shrines to any number of comic book and manga heroes along with SF shows and movies too numerous to count. There is no coincidence the love of all things geeky has made its way into many of her stories. To this day, she’s still disappointed she hasn’t found a wardrobe to another realm, a superhero to take her flying among the clouds or a roguish star ship captain to run off to the stars with her.



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Interview Roulette: Jackie Keswick

Jackie Keswick plays today!

  • Describe one especially fond childhood memory—for yourself or for one of your characters.


Hi, I’m Nico and I’ll answer this one. But you have to promise to keep it quiet. I haven’t even told Daniel that I really love cats, and I don’t want to imagine Jack and Gareth’s faces when they finds out.

Before the accident, we had two. They came to us when they were tiny. One was black with a white tip on his tail as if he’d been painting the white lines in the road. The other was stripey. I wanted to call them Bangers & Mash, but my mum and sister said it was stupid. So the two became Roobarb & Custard – as if that was any better. My sister was forever fussing about them, but they used to come into my bed every morning. First, they’d climb all over me, until they’d woken me up. And then they’d snuggle under the quilt with me, until it was time for school. I miss them, and when I get my own home, I’m going to have a cat. I know that much.

  • Which of your characters is most likely to end up in the emergency room and why?


Well… I have one character who spends most of his time there. 🙂 Dr. Marius Leven, from action/suspense story Leap of Faith, is a trauma surgeon at the Lissand Memorial Hospital. He doesn’t turn up with sirens, but he’s used to dealing with anything from shootings to idiotic pranks to Saturday nights gone wrong, and he moves pretty fast when there’s a patient coming in. He spends a lot more time in the place than he’s paid for, but he’s fine with that. The long hours give him a chance to keep an eye on his handiwork, and he’s a useful guy to have around in a crisis. We’ll find out more about that, when he gets his own story…

  • When it comes to travel, do you prefer to plan everything or play it by ear?


We’re very half and half. I like to have the big things in place: flights, hotels, if we’re not camping, and car hire. After that, I have a must-see list, and another, longer list of places that sound interesting. From there on out, it’s very much go with the flow and see what happens. I remember meandering around Eastern Canada not knowing in the morning where we’d stop at night. When it started towards afternoon, we’d look for somewhere that felt inviting, while in Japan, we didn’t know from day to day what we’d go and explore, but we knew where we would sleep each night.

  • If you were to write fanfic (or maybe you already have!) which fandom(s) would it be?


I wrote a Star Trek novel, long before I’d ever heard of fanfic or slash! Recently, I’ve dabbled a little. I love Bleach and Naruto. I have a thing for the original series of The Professionals. And I’m a BowTie fan – that’s Clint/Coulson from the Avengers, for anyone who doesn’t hang out in that corner of fandomland. I was exceedingly put out when Marvel sank that good ship while I had a story series unfinished. Now it’s sorta… meh.

  • What’s the worst disaster that ever happened to you (or one of your characters) while traveling?

Not really sure we had what I’d call a real disaster. The wind destroying our tent in Iceland was a bit of a setback, but we had a car and parked it on the beach for a night. Chilly and a bit cramped, but not a disaster. Travelling to the Isle of Wight in blazing sunshine a few years later didn’t prepare us for the deluge we got the following day. We came back to the campsite after a day’s racing and found about an inch of water in the bottom of the tent. That’s the only holiday we’ve ever abandoned.

  • Describe your ideal writing environment.

Comfy. With music. A glass of wine won’t go amiss either.

Book blurb:

Close friends and partners at FireWorks Security, Joel Weston and Kieran Ross know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. They have each other’s backs, make a formidable team, and carefully ignore their volatile chemistry.

When Kieran struggles with the aftermath of an assignment gone wrong, Joel is there to help. When Joel is caught in an explosion, Kieran jumps into a burning marina to rescue the man who means so much to him. But they never discuss what’s closest to their hearts, not prepared to risk their friendship for the mere possibility of something more.

Faced with bombs, assassins, and old ghosts, Joel and Kieran must find out why they’re targets, who is coming after them, and—most of all—how each would feel if he lost the other. Should they continue as best friends, or is it time to take a leap of faith?

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Author bio:

Jackie Keswick was born behind the Iron Curtain with itchy feet, a bent for rocks and a recurring dream of stepping off a bus in the middle of nowhere to go home. She’s worked in a hospital and as the only girl with 52 men on an oil rig, spent a winter in Moscow and a summer in Iceland and finally settled in the country of her dreams with her dream team: a husband, a cat, a tandem, a hammer and a laptop.

Jackie writes thrillers, suspense, sci-fi and fantasy – often with love stories built in. She loves unexpected reunions and second chances, and men who don’t follow the rules when those rules are stupid. She blogs about English history and food, has a thing for green eyes, and is a great believer in making up soundtracks for everything, including her characters and the cat. And she still hasn’t found the place where the bus stops. For questions and comments, not restricted to green eyes, bus stops, or recipes for traditional English food, you can find Jackie Keswick in all the usual places.


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Interview Roulette: Rodney Ross

Today Rodney Ross is playing Interview Roulette!


  1. We all know about those big prizes such as the Nobel and Pulitzer and Academy Awards. If someone invented a new prize that you were a shoo-in to win, what would it be? Probably the ‘Getting ‘er Done’ Award. I am notorious for, once handed a chore or assignment, to setting everything aside and completing it. I do not fuck around with too much analysis, because that tends to dilute. I do not do things in fits-and-starts, because it dissipates energy. I don’t 2nd guess or follow-up the assignment with questions, because I’m smart enough to intuit the point of the project. I can be one lazy SOB but, of everything I am in life, procrastinator is not of them. When I am handed this Award, rest assured I will immediately polish it, locate it on a bookshelf and direct a tasteful light toward it.
  2. You get to spend a day with a character from any book—but not one of your own. Who do you choose? This dates me horribly, but probably any one of the three gals from Jacqueline Susann’s ‘Valley of the Doll’s. Anne Welles, the cool and sleek New Englander, and I would stare down fools; that half-nuts Nelly O’Hara and I would snatch an over-the hill diva bald-headed in the ladies room; and I would coax Jennifer North NOT to off herself or, before she did so, to least give me eye make-up tips and the minks she’d acquired.
  3. Which Disney character most closely resembles you? If I don’t soon keep my hands out of the cupboard, Ursula.
  4. What’s your writing style—slow and steady or full speed ahead? Slow and steady…but I re-write, tweak, refine, proofread and streamline as I plod along, so when I am finished with the manuscript, I am truly finished with the editing process. Which means I will be circulating my newest work sometime this Fall to publishers and agents.
  5. Are you a nervous cleaner? (And if you are, will you come hang out at my house?) My nerves are worked by many things. Parents who place the toddlers on ledges for photo ops; assembling, dis-assembling and cleaning my food processor; and celebrities who beg for privacy when their self-created world goes awry come to mind. None of those compel to clean. They compel me to drink. Or perhaps I have interpreted the question improperly. Do I GET nervous WHEN I clean? Rarely. Once, after a Summer pool party, when I found discarded underpants and, a few feet from there, then a cock ring, I became anxious that I might next find a severed penis.
  6. What is your favorite mythological creature? The Satyr. I will leave it at that.
  7. What is your superpower? Judging from my vivid dreams, flying, but this seems to be a common gift enabled by REM sleep. In what I laughingly call my real life, I seem to have been bestowed an aptitude for multi-tasking…not only for myself, but for others. Little tickles me more than to organize the To-Do Lists of friends and family, down to the irritating inclusion of a lil’ square box that can be checked or filled in with a suitable blue or black pen when said chore has been completed.
  8. What is your most dreaded household chore? Cleaning the litterpans. Your favorite? Demanding as payback, often due to an unfulfilling orgasm, that my husband cleans the litterpans.
  9. Which would be your preferred vacation choice: a luxury hotel, an apartment in a historic building, or a tent? I can easily eliminate tent. The concept is abhorrent. I want chocolates on my pillow at turndown, not crickets. Strange shadows on the canvas at night…the futile attempt to sustain a campfire…plus taking care of #1 and #2…the callout of “Let’s go camping!” is a language I never learned. An apartment in a historic building shares some of the same potential worries: a creaky elevator…frightening hallways out of ‘The Shining’…antiquated fire escapes and policies. I will opt for luxury, and may I choose? The BEST accommodations I have ever known were at the Hotel Plaza Athenee in Paris or The Savoy in London. Either will do nicely, especially if someone else is paying.
  10. Describe a hobby one of your characters likes to engage in. Unwarranted criticism of others.


Book blurb:

The mid-40’s are that time in a gay man’s life when his major paradigm shifts from sexy to Sansabelts.

But when Barry Grooms’s partner of twenty years is killed on Barry’s forty-fifth birthday, his world doesn’t so much evolve as it does explode.

After navigating through the surreal conveyor belt of friends and family, he can’t eat another casserole or swallow much more advice, and so, still numb, he escapes to Key West, then New York. He embraces a new mantra: Why the hell not? He becomes so spontaneous he’s ready to combust. First, he gets a thankless new job working for a crazy lady in a poncho, then has too many drinks with a narcissistic Broadway actor. Next, it’s a nude exercise class that redefines flop sweat, and from there he’s on to a relationship with a man twenty years his junior, so youthfully oblivious he thinks Karen Carpenter is a lesbian woodworker.

Yet no matter how great the retreat from the man he used to be, life’s gravity spins Barry back to the town where he grew up for one more ironic twist that teaches him how to say good-bye with grace.

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Author bio:

Author Rodney Ross lives in South Florida.

‘The Cool Part Of His Pillow’, his debut novel, was the 1st Place Winner in the GLBT Fiction category from both the Indie Excellence Awards and the Next Generation Indie Book Awards; Silver Medalist in the 2013 Global EBook Awards; Honorable Mention in the 2012 Rainbow Book Awards; and was a 2013 nominee for a Lambda Literary Award.

Other works include ‘Bended Knee’, a short, bittersweet contemplation of same-sex marriage; and a non-fiction contribution to the ‘The Other Man: Twenty-One Top Writers Speak Candidly About Sex, Love, Infidelity, Heartbreak and Moving On’. A trio of essays from this book are being adapted into a play by Chicago-based playwright Bernard Rice. Rodney’s work is one of the three.

Past achievements include an optioned screenplay and play, both currently unproduced. Other screenplays earned Honorable Mentions or runners-up citations in the Monterey County Film Commission, FADE-IN and the LGBT One-In-Ten Screenwriting Competitions. Ross was also cited as ‘Most Creative’ in the Key West Mystery Fest Writing Competition.

He is a producer of the documentary ‘Los Bomberos’ (The Little Firemen’).

He is in the final editing phase of his second novel.

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Interview Roulette: Kellie Doherty

Please welcome Kellie Doherty!

  1. What food would you only consider eating if you were stranded on a desert isle with nothing else to consume? Bugs, for sure. If there was nothing else at all to eat anywhere on the island, I’d eat bugs. But only after I cooked them and crushed them into something unrecognizable. I know in other cultures bugs are a staple (good protein, lots of them, etc.), but I just can’t get over the way they look and move!
  2. If you were to become a street performer, what would you do to entertain people and earn some money? I would ask people to give me a prompt (or two) and then write a short poem or flash fiction piece for them. If I had to choose something outside my current skill set, I’d do fire dancing! I haven’t a clue how to do that, of course, but if I became a street performer, I’d learn.
  3. One of your characters has just been arrested and calls you to bail him out. Who is it and what did he get busted for? Jeff Dee would be reckless enough to be arrested. Probably someone made a quip about his brother Will, so he got angry and threw a punch. Arrested for fighting, for sure.
  4. Pick any place in the world to spend the next 6 months. Where is it and why? Ooo, I’d love to live in Kyoto, Japan, just to see if I could do it and because I loved Kyoto when I visited it back in 2014. Think of all the noodles I could have! And the onigiri!
  5. You’re walking down the street when a spaceship lands in front of you and a half dozen aliens pile out. What do you do? Step one: freak out for a second. Step two: see if they’re hostile looking. If they look hostile, consider running away. If they don’t look hostile, proceed to step three. Step three: greet them with a friendly wave.
  6. What is your superpower? In an ideal world? The ability to heal anyone, anytime, anywhere. For real, though? Probably my ability to keep pushing on even when it gets hard.
  7. You get to spend a day with a character from any book—but not one of your own. Who do you choose? Currently, I’d choose Sissix from A Long Way to a Small Angry Planet. She’d be able to tell me all about the Aandrisk culture—as well as a lot of other interesting otherworldly cultures—and would help me expand my horizons a bit. I’d hope to get a feather from her, too.
  8. What is your favorite mythological creature? Dragons, for sure! But not the usual massive fire-breathing ones. I’d want a tiny dragon, one that had a specialty breath—like cold or lightening or wind—and that could perch on my shoulders.


Book blurb: After escaping Donavin’s grasp, Mia Foley and her crew crash on a prison planet and need to deal with its inhabitants, beast and criminals alike. Mia hears Donavin in her mind once again and knows the transformation into one of his drones isn’t far off. Trapped in her own body, lashing against Donavin each chance she gets, and fearful that she’ll lose it all, Mia has to rely on her crew—on Cassidy—to save her. But she’s not the only one transforming in her little group, and things never go as smoothly as they could out in the black.


Book buy links: Amazon –

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Author bio: Kellie Doherty lives in Portland, Oregon, though she spent her childhood in Alaska. In June 2016, she graduated with a Master’s in Book Publishing from Portland State University. She is also a freelance editor, taking jobs whenever they come her way. Kellie has been writing since she was young. Her work (fiction and non-fiction) has been published in Flight (Mischief Corner Press), Mission 20 (Back of Beyond Press) Pathos, Alaska Women Speak, F Magazine, and The Chugiak-Eagle River Star, as well as the blogs of 49 Writers and Ooligan Press. Her debut novel—Finding Hekate—came out in April 2016 and the sequel—Losing Hold—came out in April 2017. She is currently working on a fantasy series.

Author contacts:

Interview Roulette: Eva Lafoy

Eva Lafoy plays today!

  1. Write a haiku poem about your favorite beverage. I was Chinese yes? Lifelong obsession proves it. Tea tea tea tea tea.
  2. What is your favorite insect? A dragonfly – some call them snake doctors. I also like moths. Some are very pretty.
  3. Flood waters are coming. You can grab only three things from your home before fleeing—what do you choose? The cat. My revolver. Toilet paper!
  4. What is the most useless or frivolous thing you’ve ever bought? Hmm that’s hard to say. Judging from how many clothes I own but never wear…. Just ask my husband!
  5. Are you a nerd and/or a geek? Provide evidence to support your answer. Is there a difference? What is it? I’m really neither. I prefer to hike. I have geeks as friends though. Shhhh…..
  6. What is your favorite mythological creature? Dragons. No, not really I hate dragons because everyone else loves them. I’d say a satyr or centaur ‘cause they’re kind of sexy! Okay they’re a whole lotta sexy! IMO

Book blurb:

Gay Couple Love Home Concept

Sexy to Go Gay Romance features nine scorching hot MM romances to make your blood sing. Whether finding love at a Jewish singles dance or while crossing the River Styx, these men remind us that love is always worth fighting for, no matter what the cost. Meet a handyman who’s an ace with his tools, a king who kindles the passion of a Greek god, and an architect who erects more than buildings. From the everyday to the fantastical, these stories explore male-male love in all its simmering intensity.


Matzo Ball by Avery Duran

When Jacob’s outgoing best friend talks him into attending a party for Jewish singles, neither man realizes that it’s not a gay event. Things go from bad to worse when Jacob’s friend doesn’t show up. The night turns around when Jacob befriends Ian, a sexy bartender. After a spectacular kiss good night, they go their separate ways. But Jacob can’t forget the chemistry he shared with Ian, and hungers for more. In a city the size of New York, will these men be able to find their way back to each other?


Styx & Stone by Leigh Ellwood

What’s the afterlife really like? Charon the ferryman knows the River Styx like the back of his hand, and he enjoys giving newly departed Stone the full tour.


First Swallow of Spring by Asta Idonea

The first swallow of spring draws Seanán back to the fae circle each year, where he dances with the handsome fae lord, Iorweth. He knows the four rules he must follow if he wishes to be free to leave at the end of the night; however, Iorweth is growing ever more inventive in his attempts to trick Seanán into breaking them.


How Hercules Got His Bruise by Eva Lefoy

Hercules might have completed his 12 labors and become immortal, but he’s still not out to himself. Until he meets Sisyphus, a man who turns him on in ways not even a goddess can compete with. When Zeus threatens to destroy their new bond, Hercules must again rise to the challenge, this time to protect his right to love a man.


Loggerhead by Dale Lowry

Soon after they fall in love, Jake makes Eric a promise inspired by an old track uniform. But demanding work schedules at Jake’s four-star restaurant and Eric’s newspaper keep them from following through. Six years later, they take the honeymoon they never had, heading to the Florida coast in search of sea turtles – and rekindling their passion for each other in the process.


Handyman by Jodi Payne

Danny is haunted by memories of his ex, Peter, who moved out six months ago. He recognizes just how bad off he is when he wakes up to a flood in his condo, a problem Peter would have adeptly handled. Danny can’t find the insurance paperwork, he doesn’t know who he should call first, and he’s about ready to strangle his stoner neighbors. His day starts looking up, though, when the workmen arrive to deal with the water, replace his breaker box and demolish the soaked ceiling. Ken, a handyman, shows up to handle the drywall, but can Danny handle Ken?


Clipped Wings by Shiloh Saddler

When a male swan shifter is captured by a cruel master he develops feelings for another male slave. The master has plans for the shifter that go against every fiber of his being. Will the two men bow down to their station in life or take flight to keep their love alive?


Rebuilding the Future by Sam Thorne

Allen’s peace has been seriously disturbed. As the shy architect takes on the task of extending the home he inherited from his late aunt, his life becomes a battle. The building work is going fine, but he can barely contain his one-way lust for sexy foreman Declan, who’s a one-man generator of testosterone and mixed messages. As the build completion approaches, Allen’s ready to do just about anything to keep Declan around a little longer…


Man in the Mirror by A.E. Wasp

A companion story to the Paper Hearts novel, Man in the Mirror is the first short in a new erotic series set in the world of the Veterans Affairs books.

Benny hasn’t let Mikey see him naked in a week, will barely let Mikey touch him. Mikey’s going to get to the bottom of the issue if it takes all night.

Author bio: Eva Lefoy writes and reads all kinds of romance, and is a certified Trekkie. She’s also terribly addicted to chocolate, tea, and hiking. One of these days, she’ll figure out the meaning of life, quit her job, and go travel the galaxy. Until then, she’s writing down all her dirty thoughts for the sake of future explorers.





Interview Roulette: Asta Idonea

Asts Idonea spins the wheel today!


  1. What’s the one article of clothing you love, but really should throw away because you’d die if anyone ever caught you wearing it?


I’m not sure that I have one these days. I don’t stress about what people think of my attire anymore. I wear things that are comfy and which I like. So long as my outfit is situation-appropriate, who cares?


  1. Which would be your preferred vacation choice: a luxury hotel, an apartment in a historic building, or a tent?


An apartment in an historic building. I’m a huge history buff. So long as there is a shower/bath and flushing toilet somewhere, I’m good. You will never get me within ten feet of a tent!


  1. Shopping—love it or leave it?


Depends on the shopping. I hate grocery shopping and clothes shopping, and I shudder at the thought of shoe shopping! However, if you’re talking books or DVDs, I’m up for those any time.


  1. One of your characters writes a poem to his beloved.


Neither of my guys in Wish You Were Here is really a poet in the making, so I think it’s more likely one of them would Google something. Can’t beat the classics! I’m thinking Shelley, or maybe Keats.


  1. Write a story—no more than 100 words–based on this prompt: When the levee failed….


The owner of the rusty Chevy turned his car around. He gnawed on his lower lip as he changed gear. The levee had never been dry before. He needed a drink. A rye whisky would hit the spot. In fact, he’d call in at the local watering hole and chat to the old-timers. Perhaps they’d know where all the water had gone.


When he arrived, he heard the most remarkable tale: Not two days earlier a travelling circus had passed through the town. They’d led their elephants to the levee for refreshment and those animals had drunk the river dry!


(I hope you don’t mind that I didn’t incorporate the words of your prompt exactly. However, when I saw the ‘levee’, I immediately thought ‘Chevy’ and then I just couldn’t resist! :))


  1. Describe the perfect pair of socks.

Thick, soft, and purple.

  1. Pick one of your characters. What are the last three tweets he or she sent?


Stupid family holiday. Wish I were back at uni already. #summerholidayhell #isitseptemberyet

Seen one motorway, you’ve seen them all. So far, we’ve seen one #m25hell #notanothertrafficjam


I am officially back in the dark ages. I’m amazed this place even has running water. #wherethehellamI #backofbeyond


  1. What is your worst phobia?

Tardiness. Weird, I know, but I constantly panic at the thought of being late! 🙂

  1. If you were to become a street performer, what would you do to entertain people and earn some money?


That’s easy. I’m a keen singer, so I’d belt out a tune or two.

Book blurb:

The death of Oakley’s sister has left his family broken and buried beneath their grief. In an attempt to get out from underneath their pain, they rent an isolated cottage in the Cotswolds. For Oakley, it’s an exercise in futility. He doesn’t see much hope for things to get back to the way they used to be, and he’s bored and restless as he waits out the time until he can return to the city and university. All of that changes when he meets local boy Bobby, and the connection between them is instant. Within a few days, Oakley is ready to walk away from everything to stay with Bobby. However, Bobby has problems of his own, and they might be more than the budding romance can survive. But they might also give Oakley a new perspective on his own situation.

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About the author:

Asta Idonea (aka Nicki J Markus) was born in England but now lives in Adelaide, South Australia. She has loved both reading and writing from a young age and is also a keen linguist, having studied several foreign languages.

Asta launched her writing career in 2011 and divides her efforts not only between MM and mainstream works but also between traditional and indie publishing. Her works span the genres, from paranormal to historical and from contemporary to fantasy. It just depends what story and which characters spring into her mind!

As a day job, Asta works as a freelance editor and proofreader, and in her spare time she enjoys music, theatre, cinema, photography, and sketching. She also loves history, folklore and mythology, pen-palling, and travel, all of which have provided plenty of inspiration for her writing. She is never found too far from her much-loved library/music room.










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