Interview Roulette: Alice Archer


  1. Write a story—no more than 100 words—based on this prompt: When the levee failed….

When the levee failed, Edwin saw it first, when he went out into the stormy darkness in his pajamas and galoshes to check on his elusive neighbor.

“Matt. Open up.” No answer. Edwin sprinted around back, and that’s when he noticed the dip in the levee behind Matt’s house.

Screw it. Edwin punched out a pane in the back door and felt his way into the strange house, wishing for a flashlight. He didn’t want to scare the guy, but they needed to go.

“Hey, wake up.” Edwin shook Matt’s shoulder.

“Finally,” Matt murmured, and pulled Edwin onto the bed.

  1. Describe one of your characters’ dream vehicles.

Ruben, from Everyday History, would go nuts for a five-seater sled on a snowy day. It wouldn’t even matter if he was steering, as long as the whole family careened down the hill together and landed in a big pile.

  1. If one of your characters were to practice a random act of kindness, what would it be?

About once a month, Estelle, the owner of the little diner on the wrong side of the tracks in Everyday History, would tell someone eating at the counter a little fib. “Well, aren’t you lucky. That lady who left about ten minutes ago paid for your meal.”

  1. You’re on a ship with Mark Twain, Albert Einstein, Catherine the Great, David Bowie, Billie Holiday, and Genghis Khan. But oh no! The ship is sinking and the lifeboat only holds four people. You get to decide—who gets on that lifeboat?

Me, obviously. That’s one. David Bowie and Billie Holiday are next. Their duets haunt or amuse us until we’re rescued. Okay, sure, Catherine the Great can join us, but only if she lets us braid her wig and call her Cathy-Bo-Bathy. We strap Mark Twain to the outside of the lifeboat, because the man is loaded with hot air. The added buoyancy makes it feasible for Albert Einstein to join us. Genghis Khan pushes us along from the water, our feisty motor. Due to his reputation as the male who sired the most children, like, ever, none of the women want him in the boat.

  1. The letter E has been made illegal. Write a description of your latest book without running afoul of the law.

If you woo and walk away, you’ll pay.

  1. Is there a fiction genre you would write only if forced to at gunpoint?

Horror. I’m a wimp when it comes to things that go bump in the night. As a kid, I’d race to my younger brother’s room and wake him if I got scared. Sweet guy. He’d tell me what he’d been dreaming and I’d fall back asleep.

  1. What is the dumbest thing one of your characters has ever done?

In Inkling, Reid gave his troubled brother access to the business bank account. Oops.


Book blurb for Everyday History:

If you woo, win, and walk away, a second chance is going to cost you.

Headstrong Ruben Harper has yet to meet an obstacle he can’t convert to a speed bump. He’s used to getting what he wants from girls, but when he develops a fascination for a man, his wooing skills require an upgrade. After months of persuasion, he scores a dinner date with Henry Normand that morphs into an intense weekend. The unexpected depth of their connection scares Ruben into fleeing.

Shy, cautious Henry, Ruben’s former high school history teacher, suspects he needs a wake-up call, and Ruben appears to be his siren. But when Ruben bolts, Henry is left struggling to find closure. Inspired by his conversations with Ruben, Henry begins to write articles about the memories stored in everyday objects. The articles seduce Ruben with details from their weekend together and trigger feelings too strong to avoid. As Henry’s snowballing fame takes him out of town and further out of touch, Ruben stretches to close the gaps that separate them.


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Author bio:

Alice Archer has messed about with words professionally for many years as an editor and writing coach. After living in more than eighty places and cobbling together a portable lifestyle, she has a lot of story material to sort through. It has reassured her to discover that even though culture and beliefs can get people into a peck of trouble when they’re falling in love, the human heart can find its way in any language.

Author contacts:

Interview Roulette: Laura Lascaro

Laura Lascaro plays today!


  1. If you could become a full-time university student without worrying about future career prospects, what would you major in? Definitely film. I love books, but I love movies more. My dream is to one day have one of my books translated to film and hang out on set all throughout the filming.
  2. If one of your characters sent something in to PostSecret, what would it be? Berlin, a closeted high school football player, would probably come out as gay, and Hiro would probably admit that a part of him is still in love with his abusive ex.
  3. Who are your favorite visual artists and why? I have a lot of favorites, but I think my absolute favorite is Caravaggio because of his mastery of light and shadows and his ability to make truly grotesque scenes, beautiful.
  4. Say you met your all-time favorite celebrity, would you play it cool? Or would you utterly humiliate yourself? I’d probably play it cool. I’m kind of standoffish in general, so I’d probably just observe them in their natural habitat. You can tell a lot by a person by the way they act when they think no one is paying attention.
  5. Describe your dream house. A shack on the beach with running water and lightning fast internet.
  6. One of your characters buys flowers for another. What kind? Sunflowers, but Berlin would pick them, not buy them.
  7. You’re being transported to the Middle Ages and can take with you a single piece of modern technology. What do you choose? Birth control.


Book blurb: High school junior Berlin Webber is about to reap the fruits of his hard work and land a football scholarship—if he can keep his sexuality a secret from his best friend, Trent, and their homophobic coach. Then Hiroku Hayashi swerves into the high school parking lot on his tricked-out motorcycle like some sexy comic book villain, and Berlin knows he doesn’t stand a chance.

Hiroku is fleeing his sophisticated urban scene to recover from drug addiction and an abusive relationship when he arrives in Berlin’s small Texas ranch town. Initially sarcastic and aloof, Hiroku finds in Berlin a steady, supportive friend who soon becomes more. As Hiroku and Berlin’s romance blossoms, they take greater risks to be together. But when a horrific act of violence tears them apart, they both must look bigotry in the face. While Berlin has always turned to his faith for strength, Hiroku dives into increasingly dangerous ways of coping, pushing them in opposite directions just when they need each other most.

Two very different young men search for the bravery to be true to themselves, the courage to heal, and the strength to go on when things seem darkest. But is it enough to bring them back together?


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Author bio: Laura Lascarso wants you to stay up way past your bedtime reading her stories. She aims to inspire more questions than answers in her fiction and believes in the power of storytelling to heal and transform a society. When not writing, Laura can be found screaming “finish” on the soccer fields, re-watching Veronica Mars, and trying to convince politicians that climate change is real. She lives in North Florida with her darling husband and two kids. She loves hearing from readers, and she’d be delighted to hear from you.


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  • Twitter: @lauralascarso
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Interview Roulette: Pat Henshaw


Pat Henshaw takes another spin of the wheel!

  1. What is your worst phobia?

It’s a toss up between spiders and snakes. Let’s go with snakes. I used to date this really nice guy that was lots of fun and incredibly compatible EXCEPT he was the snake handler for the Scout troop he led. I didn’t know this for a few months into our relationship. Then he introduced me to his snakes which were kept in cages—a lot of cages—in his parents’ basement because his landlord wouldn’t let him keep them in his condo. When I asked to be taken back to my apartment after watching him feed the snakes on our last date, he told me that was usually when women broke up with him. True story.

  1. What did one of your characters last order from Amazon?

Mitch, from Waking the Behr, went through the Amazon’s New and Interesting Finds and bought a magnet key holder because he’s always misplacing his keys. This may not cure the problem, but it at least amuses him.

  1. If you had a time machine, where/when would you go and why?

I’d go back to Regency England (1811-1820) as a rich, aristocratic landowner’s daughter. I’ve read too many Regency romances not to go and see what it was really like. Then I’d come back and write an accurate Regency romance. I couldn’t go back if I were middle class like I am now since I’d probably be a scullery maid or some other menial.

  1. What is your least favorite writing trope, cliché, or character archetype, and why?

The big misunderstanding that could be cleared up with one honest conversation but goes on and on throughout a book and makes me want to pitch the book (or God forbid, my Kindle) against the wall. This particularly annoys me when the big misunderstanding is between two forthright men.

5. What were your favorite books when you were a teenager?

Mysteries—everything from Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie to more modern authors. My dad was a great Ed McBain fan, and I would snitch his books to read. McBain/Evan Hunter gave me my writing vocabulary as did the British authors.

  1. There’s a Tumblr site called Describe a Film Plot Badly. Describe one (or more) of your own book plots badly, in no more than 140 characters.

First, LOL at some of the tweeviews! Let’s see. Here are mine for the Foothills Pride series:

Waking the Behr: Entrepreneur learns the night sky is bigger than a nightclub.

Frank at Heart: House renovations suck unless you have a good boyfriend.

Relative Best: You may get lost if you run away from yourself.

When Adam Fell: Mixing it up in a small town results in prodigal’s return.

Behr Facts: Graffiti and accounting don’t add up, but numbers and bears do.

Redesigning Max: Gayboy undresses adventure guide to find birder.

What’s in a Name?: Birthday, booze, and big bad biker awaken barista.

7. If you were to write fanfic (or maybe you already have!) which fandom(s) would it be?

Actually, I did write fanfic a long time ago for the Anita Blake series when I was reading Laurell K. Hamilton’s series. I also wrote a Lily Bard story based on the Charlaine Harris series. Fortunately, I moved on to write my own books after that.



Both Ben and Mitch think they know exactly what they want. Turns out, they don’t even know their own hearts.

Good old boy Ben has dated women his entire life, while gay nightclub owner Mitch has never considered unsophisticated country boys his type. But after they start hanging out, the small-town contractor and the urban entrepreneur are both stunned by the electricity sparking between them.

As they step outside their comfort zones to spend time together, Mitch finds he enjoys rural car rallies, and Ben is intrigued by the upscale bars Mitch owns in San Francisco. When they share their lives and grow closer, they start to question the way they’ve always defined themselves. Then they kiss and fling open the door to love. Now they must step up and travel the road that may lead to happily ever after—even if that path isn’t one they ever expected to walk.


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Author bio:

Pat Henshaw, author of the Foothills Pride Stories, has spent her life surrounded by words:  Teaching English composition at the junior college level; writing book reviews for newspapers, magazines, and websites; helping students find information as a librarian; and promoting PBS television programs.

Pat was born and raised in Nebraska where she  promptly left the cold and snow after college, living at various times in Texas, Colorado, Northern Virginia, and Northern California.  Pat enjoys travel, having visited Mexico, Canada, Europe, Nicaragua, Thailand, and Egypt, and Europe, including a cruise down the Danube.

Her triumphs are raising two incredible daughters who daily amaze her with their power and compassion.  Fortunately, her incredibly supportive husband keeps her grounded in reality when she threatens to drift away while writing fiction.


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Interview Roulette: E.E. Montgomery

Please welcome E. E. Montgomery!

  1. Who would win in a fight – A monkey with a jet pack or a dog with Hitler’s brain? While monkeys fight viciously when they fight, they are flexible and fast, and they do strategize to an extent, I’d have to say the dog would win. In his early years of power, Hitler was a brilliant strategist and absolutely ruthless. Combined with a dog’s strength and dominance (assuming it’s a large, dominant dog), the dog would be able to effectively use local resources to disable the jet pack and bring the monkey down.
  2. Make up a new word you really wish would catch on. What is it and what does it mean? I spend a lot of my time every day fighting against bullying, harassment and discrimination, so it would have to be something that encompasses what I want to achieve. Pasumbral: Under the umbrella of peace and equal acceptance.
  3. If you could be granted instant virtuosity on a musical instrument you don’t now play, which one would it be, and why? Alto Sax. I love jazz and the concept of impromptu jam sessions. I’d love to be able to be part of something like that.
  4. Describe one time someone surprised you. I don’t really like surprises. My experience has shown me that other peoples’ surprises usually end up with me having to clean up some sort of mess (physical or emotional), or having to fix whatever problem the ‘surprise’ created/covered up. I’d rather have everyone’s cards on the table so I can plan for contingencies and life continues as smoothly as possible.
  5. What’s your writing style—slow and steady or full speed ahead? Sporadic would be the best word to describe my current writing style although I have gone through stages where I’ve written steadily and consistently. I type quickly but I don’t plot anywhere near that fast. I need to have a scene fully-formed in my head before I can write it. If I get thinking time, that happens almost daily. At the moment I have a lot of family things happening that need my attention so my thinking time is very spotty, therefore so is my writing time.
  6. What is your most dreaded household chore? Your favorite? My most dreaded household chore? Where do I begin? I strongly dislike all of it. The one I look at and feel immediately overwhelmed by is tidying/cleaning my desk and my office. I’m really bad with paper, or perhaps it’s horizontal surfaces I can’t deal with. I look at papers and think ‘yes, I’ll action that soon’, then put it aside on the nearest horizontal surface. By the end of the month, there’s a pile of papers I have to move to make room for working space (everything has been actioned online). The same with books. When I’m doing research, I have piles of books and notes all around. Once I’ve completed the research and written what I need, I leave it there in case I need it again when I’m editing. By the time editing is complete, I’ve moved onto another topic and all those papers and books get shuffled toward the walls and a new lot is brought out. I recently spent 27 hours finding the floor in my office. It took four hours to shred sensitive material. I’ve thought about looking at just one book/journal at a time, but I have a ‘shiny’ mentality when it comes to information. *oh, look, there’s another interesting article*
  7. If you could choose anyone on the planet to narrate an audio version of your latest book, who would it be? Robert Downey Jnr. I love the resonance of his voice and the way his flippancy in the Marvel series covers hard-working genius.

Warrior Pledge

Book blurb:

When the two moons of Thalazar cross orbits, the Warrior Pledge must be completed or the cat-shifting Mafdeti nation will face annihilation. There are four who can save the people and their land: the Silver Shining from Rock, the Great Heart Farseeing, the Changeling, and the Pure. They must find each other before time runs out.

Silver-eyed Checa is Captain of the Guard for the Mafdeti. Thanks to the friendship and loyalty of Heath, son of the Mafdeti Matriarch, Checa has survived and thrived after a childhood of horrific abuse. He knows Heath is his Bond-Mate but refuses to bond with the younger man because he feels he isn’t worthy. Nor does Heath’s mother approve of her son bonding with a lowborn warrior.

Together they face deadly wing-strikes from carnivorous birds, earthquake, betrayal, ambush, and an enemy invasion, only to be confronted with the possibility that the Warrior Pledge will bond Checa and Heath to others. If Checa is to complete the Warrior Pledge, he must overcome the belief that he doesn’t deserve Heath’s love, and fight for the one man who can make him whole.


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Author bio:

E E Montgomery wants the world to be a better place, with equality and acceptance for all. Her philosophy is: We can’t change the world but we can change our small part of it and, in that way, influence the whole. Writing stories that show people finding their own ‘better place’ is part of E E Montgomery’s own small contribution.

Thankfully, there’s never a shortage of inspiration for stories that show people growing in their acceptance and love of themselves and others. A dedicated people-watcher, E E finds stories everywhere. In a cafe, a cemetery, a book on space exploration or on the news, there’ll be a story of personal growth, love, and unconditional acceptance there somewhere.


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Interview Roulette: Rick R. Reed

Rick R. Reed takes his turn at the wheel!


Which (living) celebrity would you most want to have dinner with?

So it has to be a living celebrity? I can’t eat with a dead one, and hold my nose? Gee, I was hoping to have matzo ball soup with Bea Arthur and ask her about the Golden Girls. Okay, if I have to pick a living celebrity, I suppose it would be someone who’s gonna make me something decent for dinner. So, I’m thinking Ina Garten, aka The Barefoot Contessa, because I know she loves her some gay boys and she knows how to make a nice brisket. We could chat about the best way to poach an egg, roast a chicken, and if she needs a houseboy for her home in the Hamptons.

List your three favorite forms of escapism when procrastinating (to meet a deadline).

  1. Spider Solitaire
  2. Facebook
  3. Eating…anything, but especially junk. Things like chips and Pop Tarts (brown sugar cinnamon) become so appealing when a deadline looms.

Write a haiku poem about your favorite beverage.

Uh-uh. Ricky doesn’t do the haiku. Here’s why:

Haikus are simple
But oft times they make no sense

Which holiday is your favorite and why?

Once upon a time, I would have said Christmas, but then I realized I’m much happier after New Year’s when the gifts are exchanged or relegated to drawers or bookshelves, and all the decorations are packed up and I feel like I can breathe again and just get back to normal life. So, that’s out. Then, upon another time, I would have said Halloween, but when I was in my thirties, I spent Halloween in New Orleans, parading around the French Quarter in a ‘costume’ of a leather jock strap and combat boots, and, well, no other Halloween can hold a candle to that one. I guess I’d have to say my favorite holiday would be my birthday, because without it, no other holidays would exist.

Which of your characters would send you screaming out into the blizzard before a week was up?

Timothy Bright, the serial killer of gay men in IM. I think he’d send most of us screaming into a blizzard if he approached us with one of his knives.

What is the most useless or frivolous thing you’ve ever bought?

The Egg Wave microwave egg cooker. There used to be infomercials on TV about these and I fell for it. Stupid device. Much easier—and more reliable—to make my own in a pot or a pan.

What is your favorite footwear?

I do have a fondness for Converse and probably wear those the most often. Right now I have two pairs of low-tops in black and gray and three pairs of high tops—an Andy Warhol Brillo soap pad design, a black-speckled rainbow Pride design, and calf-skin leopard skin specially designed for the Mr. Porter men’s fashion site.


M4M Blurb

Finding and keeping love can be a challenge in the modern world of blogging, social media, and online dating, as one man will learn in this trilogy.

VGL Male Seeks Same

Poor Ethan Schwartz. At forty-two, he’s alone, his bed is empty, and his HDTV is overworked. He’s tried bars and other places where gay men are supposed to find each other, but it never works out. Maybe he should get a cat?

But his life is about to change…


Poor Ethan. He’s received the most shocking news a gay man can get—he’s HIV positive. Until today his life was perfect, with a job he loves and Brian, who could be “the one.” The one to complete him and fill his lonely life with laughter, hot sex, and romance.

But Ethan’s in for another shock. Could Brian have infected him?


Alone again, Ethan wonders if life is worth living, even with a cat. When an old nemesis sends a Facebook friend request, Ethan is suspicious but intrigued. It seems this old acquaintance has turned his life around, and the changes might hold the key to Ethan getting a new lease on life… and love.


Two days later, a Sunday morning, Ethan would have laughed at himself if he wasn’t so concerned about his sanity and his inability to let things go. He called Jan at a little after eight. He felt comfortable in doing so, because she complained endlessly about how her cats woke her at the crack of dawn, starving, as though the poor things hadn’t eaten for days instead of hours, and she never got to sleep in. Ethan suspected she secretly enjoyed the early mornings—not to mention being in such yowling and crying demand.

She answered on the second ring. “This better be good.”

“Don’t tell me you were sleeping. Lying on the Lord’s day is a compounded sin.”

“What’s a compounded sin? Is that like a mortal sin?”

“Not quite. It’s venial, kicked up a notch, as Emeril would say.”

Jan laughed, and it was good for Ethan to hear her chuckles. “So, brunch?”

“Well, that sounds good. There’s a place near me I hear serves pork belly congee….”

“What’s that?” Jan asked, intrigued.

“Like a warm bowl of hug, with bacon flavor.”

“Let me get my hat!” Jan laughed.

“But seriously, I was calling because—” Ethan lost his train of thought, or at least it derailed when he considered how to ask Jan what he really wanted to—and it was not for brunch, although they could certainly do that afterward.

Dead air for several seconds. Ethan’s mental clock clicked in his head as second after second after second passed. He finally blurted out what was on his mind. “Would you be up for going to church with me this morning?”

Jan simply laughed and laughed, her laughter sounding musical, melodious, and mocking.

“What?” Ethan asked, feeling his scalp prickle in embarrassment.

“You? In a church? When the hell did you ever do that? Besides being an altar boy when you were nine, down at Our Lady of Perpetual Agony.” He heard Jan running water and then the whoosh of a gas flame. She was probably making tea. Could he take that as a no? Could he take her mockery as a no? Should he simply hang up the phone?

Ethan blurted, “We can still do brunch. After.” He paced his living room, phone held too tightly to his ear. He watched as Cat jumped up on the sill of the picture window to observe the goings-on on Eastwood Avenue. Maybe he’d heard there’d be pigeons or squirrels. “And it’s not really a church. It’s a, uh, what do you call it? A spiritual center.”

“Have you lost your mind?” Jan very reasonably asked.

“Long ago,” Ethan replied, thinking but not saying how losing Brian had put him firmly over the edge. “So, you’ll go?”

He was fully prepared for her to say no, to tell him to see a shrink, but what she said was, “You’ll pick me up?”

Ethan glanced at the clock on the DVD player. “In about ninety minutes.”

Jan sighed. “That should give me enough time to run a comb through my hair and put some lipstick on.”

“Me too,” Ethan said. “I’ll see you at nine thirty. Look sharp.”

“I always do.”

“And Jan?”


“Thanks. This means a lot to me.” Ethan really did doubt his sanity, because for no reason he could fathom, he suddenly felt near tears.

“Sure thing, hon. Anything for you. Even church. Or a center. Whatever. See you.” And she clicked off.

Ethan plopped down on the couch, weak in the knees. Cat turned his head, noticing, and came over to sit beside him. Absently, Ethan stroked him. The emotions stirred up by the plan were strange and foreign. He had no idea where they were coming from, only that he experienced them deep in his heart.

Going to this spiritual center wasn’t something he simply wanted to do. It wasn’t necessarily about satisfying his curiosity. No, it was something he needed to do….




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Real Men. True Love.

Rick R. Reed draws inspiration from the lives of gay men to craft stories that quicken the heartbeat, engage emotions, and keep the pages turning. Although he dabbles in horror, dark suspense, and comedy, his attention always returns to the power of love. He’s the award-winning and bestselling author of more than fifty works of published fiction and is forever at work on yet another book. Lambda Literary has called him: “A writer that doesn’t disappoint…” You can find him at or Rick lives in Palm Springs, CA with his beloved husband and their Boston terrier.



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Interview Roulette: Grace Kilian Delaney

Today’s player is Grace Kilian Delaney!


  1. Describe a beloved item of clothing owned by one of your characters.

Devon’s black thigh high boots, only because it drives his boyfriend, Stone, wild.

  1. What food would you only consider eating if you were stranded on a desert isle with nothing else to consume? I’d hope for coconuts, but desperation might call for eating bugs… dipped in coconut milk.
  2. Describe one time someone surprised you.

My husband and I went to a particular coffee shop every morning, and that morning had been no different. I’d been depressed, and hated that he rushed me out the door. I wanted to linger and be lazy, but no, we had to go. When we got there, my husband pointed to an old man wearing a baseball cap and asked me, “Do you know him?” The man turned around and it was my father. He’d flown across the country to visit me. I hadn’t seen my father in so long that I started to cry, I was so happy.

  1. If you could be granted instant virtuosity on a musical instrument you don’t now play, which one would it be, and why? Cello. Who wouldn’t want something that vibrated between your legs that made beautiful music?
  2. Is there a New Year’s resolution you’ve made more than once? Did you keep it?

Not to be so hard on myself. No. I’m stubborn and hate myself for not keeping it.

  1. You have just won a lifetime supply of Rice-A-Roni, the San Francisco treat. Your response?

“Thank you! Let’s donate this to food banks across the nation.”


Heavy metal singer Stone Manson never acknowledged his attraction to men. But when he meets sexy cross-dresser Devon at a party and spends Seven Minutes in Heaven with him, he can’t deny his reaction. His confusion leads him to mess up—big time—with Devon, but after some soul-searching, Stone decides to do whatever it takes to show Devon he’s worth the risk.

Devon’s got a thing for hot, tattooed rock stars—just not the sexually conflicted and closeted ones. Stone’s persistence has Devon warming up to the idea of the singer in his bed, and maybe even in his life, until a threat emerges from Devon’s past. Now it’s Devon’s turn to trust Stone or both their lives could be in jeopardy.

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Author bio:

Grace Kilian Delaney lives somewhere in paradise—mentally. She grew up near Witch City then moved to the Southwest and now resides in flammable Southern California. In the wee hours of the morning, and with an audience of a dog and two cats, she writes about hot and horny men. Thankfully the animals don’t care if she talks to herself, which she does albeit quietly as to not wake her husband. Grace’s alter ego composes music for television and film, sings and plays the piano, and is one of those annoying people who practices yoga and loves working out at the gym.


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Interview Roulette: Felicitas Ivey


Felicitas Ivey spins the wheel today!

  1. What food would you only consider eating if you were stranded on a desert isle with nothing else to consume? Granola, if it could come in different flavors. If not, then any kind of Dal dish. I like Indian food a lot.
  2. Pick any place in the world to spend the next 6 months. Where is it and why? I’ve been there twice and loved it. There is so much more of the country I want to explore, since I’ve only been to Tokyo and Kyoto, and the area surrounding both cities. I want to really get to know the place I write about a lot.
  3. You’re walking down the street when a spaceship lands in front of you and a half dozen aliens pile out. What do you do? See if they are friendly or hostile :-). Hostile, get the heck out of their way and then tell the police, anonymously, where they are. Friendly and we can communicate? Out to dinner, see if they need directions or any other help.
  4. One of your characters just won a prize for doing something really well. Who is it and what prize did he or she win? Marcus and Ralph from ‘Tell the Bees, I’m Sorry’ took First Place in a New England Mead contest. They finally perfected a sweet, carbonated mead.
  5. Are you a nerd and/or a geek? Provide evidence to support your answer. After looking at both definitions, a geek. While both geeks and nerds lack social skills, I’m more of a multitasker with my obsessions. Books, gaming books, yarn, and too many DVDs/Blurays for one persons. But actually, I’m more of an old school Otaku, fascinated and filling my house with too much anime stuff, on top of the regular books and movies.
  6. If you were to become a street performer, what would you do to entertain people and earn some money? I’d be a belly dancer. I like dancing and had taken lessons when I was younger.
  7. Describe one of your characters’ dream vehicles. Kobbi from ‘And to All a Good Night’ secretly wants an early 80s Pontiac Firebird. One of the ones with the pop up headlights and the firebird on the hood. It’s low slung, terrible on gas and does not go in the snow, but he still occasionally thinks about getting one as a summer car.
  8. What’s the longest road trip you’ve been on? I don’t drive places much, I either fly or take the train. But when I was younger, I did lot of drives from Boston to Baltimore for conventions. On the way back from Bucconeer, the ’98 Science Fiction World Con, my friend and I spent three hours wandering around Philly to ‘gift’ someone with two six foot tall paper-marche flamingos. This was a time before google maps, we were using the Philly map Book, but the street signage and names down there are worse then in Boston, so we were lost for a lot of it. Plus we were also driving a twenty foot panel truck. After a week of little sleep and a lot of parties, the strangest things seem sane.
  9. Which of your characters should run for US President? I don’t think any one of them should run. If they have the ambition to do so, most of my novel characters are non US citizens and so can’t. But if it would be any of them, it would be Wahka from the Dreamlands series. After wrangling the cats and his priests, the House and the Senate would be no challenge.


Book blurb: Dreamspun Desires #46

A billionaire and a Bedouin girl—each with a shocking secret.

Billionaire Fathi al-Murzim is a workaholic businessman, too busy running the family’s companies to even think about marriage. Too bad he never told his grandfather he’s gay, because Grandfather just announced a childhood betrothal—to a Bedouin girl Fathi never heard about before.

Ikraam din Abdel was raised as a woman by his avaricious and abusive older sister, who didn’t want him to be their father’s heir. He’d never thought to be married either, and is surprised when his sister informs him of his betrothal.

When Fathi and Ikraam meet, they are drawn to each other in a manner neither of them expected. As the plans for their wedding progress, they both realize they need to tell the other the truth. But can they, with both cultural taboos and family pressures to deal with?


Book buy links: out November 15, 2017


Author bio:

Felicitas is a frazzle help desk tech at a university in Boston, who wishes people wouldn’t argue with her when she’s troubleshooting what’s wrong with their computer. She lives with three cats want her to pay more attention to them, and not sitting at a computer pounding the keyboard. Her house is also home to Angenor the Minotaur, who thinks there aren’t enough labyrinths in the house, even with all the stacks of books.

Felicitas writes urban fantasy with a side of horror of a Lovecraftian nature, with monsters beyond space and time that think that humans are the tastiest things in the multiverse. Her short stories for her most part are firmly routed in the real world. Which one that is, she’s not too sure. Occasionally there’s a romance or two involved in her novels.

Felicitas knits and hoards yarn, firmly believing the one with the most yarn wins. She also is sitting on hoards of manga, doujinshi, and books, which still threaten to take over her house, even with ebooks. Between writing and knitting, she brews beer, wine, mead and flavoured liqueurs.

Felicitas also bakes, and makes cakes whenever she needs to work out an issue in her novels. Sometimes, this leads to a lot of cakes. Her co-workers appreciate them, as well as the starving student workers she attempts to herd.

Author contacts:

  • Website
  • Facebook: felicitasivey
  • Twitter: @felicitasivey
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Interview Roulette: Victoria Sue

Victoria Sue plays today!

  1. Due to a magical curse, for the rest of your life you can read only one genre of books. Which genre will it be?

Paranormal definitely. I love shifters especially and every time I try to write a contemporary it seems to grow four legs and a tail.

  1. What is your least favorite thing about California?

Never having been? Oh no – wait I did once. GRL in San Diego – but I only saw the airport and the hotel so not sure that counts.

  1. You’ve just met an alien from a planet where there’s no such thing as fiction writing. Explain to him/her/it/them why humans read made-up stories.

Because most of the current world we live on is crap so we have to make stuff up. Seriously, Alien – turn your ship around and get the hell out of here.

  1. If your home lost electricity for one week, what would you do to survive?

Well, living in Florida—hurricanes and the like—I’ve done five days where we existed on snacks and batteries. So long as I’ve got batteries for my kindle it’s all good.

  1. One of your books is being made into a movie. Who would you cast for the major roles?

THOR! Sorry, I mean Chris Hemsworth. I mean, he’s a god anyway. I think the book would be Five Minutes Longer and Thor, whoops—Chris Hemsworth—would be Talon. The team leader of my super-hero FBI team. His sidekick—Finn—would be Chris Pine.

  1. If you were to write fanfic (or maybe you already have!) which fandom(s) would it be?

Star Trek—not the original though. I need Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto to “boldly go” somewhere together…


Book blurb: The Askaran desert can no longer sustain the secret hybrid population of wolves bred from those sent there to die for their crimes. Justice knows the time has come to lead his wolves to a new life, but soon realizes his pack could never be governed by nor swear fealty to the cruel and despotic Alpha of Solonara—Darius—so he hatches a plan to fight and ultimately kill the Alpha, his heir, and take over the territory.
Cashel should not exist. It was unheard of for an Alpha-heir to be born an omega, and Darius has made every day a torment for his son. After spending years failing to breed another heir, and desperate not to have to give his territory away to another pack, he finally turns his attention back to Cashel and a whole new nightmare begins.
Justice’s whole life has been about righting a wrong and delivering the very thing he was named for. Meeting Cashel, and finding out he is his true mate, sends his carefully constructed plans and promises up in flames. When he discovers Darius’s cruelty runs deeper than any of them imagined, he is faced with a last desperate choice between his love for Cashel or his loyalty to his people.


Book buy links: The Alpha Prince (Amazon and KU)


Author bio: Victoria Sue fell in love with love stories as a child when she would hide away with her mom’s library books and dream of the dashing hero coming to rescue her from math homework. She never mastered math but when she ran out of library books she decided to write her own. Loves reading and writing about gorgeous boys loving each other the best—especially with a paranormal twist—but always with a happy ending. Is an English northern lass currently serving twenty to life in Florida—unfortunately, she spends more time chained to her computer than on a beach.
Loves to hear from her readers and can be found most days lurking on Facebook where she doesn’t need factor 1000 sun-cream to hide her freckles.


Author contacts:

Interview Roulette: Xenia Melzer

Xenia Melzer joins us today!


  1. Are you a nervous cleaner? (And if you are, will you come hang out at my house?)

Sorry, I have to disappoint. I’m not a nervous cleaner. I’m a ‘oh my God those dust bunnies are big enough to kill somebody I HAVE to do something’-cleaner. I once had, for a brief six months, a cleaning lady who came once a week and that was heaven. She even cleaned my windows. Windows! I usually wait until my husband breaks and cleans them in a fit of ‘I want to see the garden through the glass again’. To make a long – and sad story – short, I don’t like cleaning. Household chores are my least favorite. That said, I have two children and a cat. So I clean as much as I have to and turn a blind eye to the rest. (A certain amount of dirt is supposed to be good for children’s health. That way, they’re less prone to allergies. That’s my story and I stick to it!)

  1. One of your characters has a guilty favorite TV show. Tell us about it.

Not a TV-Show. Leeland, one of the characters in my Club Whisper series, is a known Burton fan. He denies it has anything to do with Johnny Depp (yeah, we all believe that right away, don’t we?) and everything with Burton’s genius. His friends don’t deny the genius part, though some of them think the most genius thing Burton does is casting Johnny Depp…

  1. Describe one of your characters’ dream vehicles.

In ‘A Dom and his Artist’ (coming April 2018), Collin drives an ancient truck covered in paintings of salamanders and geckos. I think Collin’s dream vehicle is one that he has painted himself, but isn’t as old as his own and has doors that actually open when you pull them. His dream vehicle comes with Martin, his Dom, as the driver, and a full set of sketch pads, pencils, and pastel colors in case the muse strikes him.

  1. If you could become a full-time university student without worrying about future career prospects, what would you major in?

Ups, I already kind of did that. I studied American, English and German Literature. My father’s comment? ‘As long as you’re happy…’ I am happy, so thank you, Dad! If I could do it again, I would add Literary History and Philosophy to the mix. No money to be made there, I know, but that’s what rich husbands are for 😉. (Still have to find one, until then, I keep the one I already got…)

  1. If you were to write fanfic (or maybe you already have!) which fandom(s) would it be?

Fanfic? Oh my gosh, you got me there. I have to admit, I never did that and was never interested in it. I only found out about it after my first book, ‘Casto’, was out. But if I had to choose, I’d do Buffy and Angel. I always wanted to hook up Spike with some good-looking demon boy. Could be fun…

  1. What are you wearing right now?

So it’s shame Xenia time now, isn’t it? Well, you wanted to know – I’m wearing pink and white striped leisure trousers (fancy name for pajama pants) and a bright blue T-Shirt with the face of the Cookie Monster on it. Actually, the T-Shirt IS the Cookie Monster. What can I say, I’m a fan.

Book blurb: Life is perfect for Richard and Dean. Richard is a wealthy and successful businessman who also owns a BDSM club, and Dean is a bestselling author and sub to Richard. They’re young, happy, and in love. The future is bright….

Until tragedy strikes and an accident claims Dean’s beloved sister. Dean also finds himself the guardian of a three-month-old infant, and soon he’s trading in his leather fetish gear for diapers and drool bibs. But little Emily is all that remains of his family, so how can he abandon her?

It’s not what Richard signed up for. As much as he tries to be supportive, he never wanted kids and misses having his partner to himself. Suddenly the life he imagined for them is gone, and he’s not sure their relationship can survive the upheaval. But fate isn’t through with Dean, and when misfortune strikes again, will he be able to turn to the man he loves? A final crisis will determine if they can pull together as a family or they must face facts and part ways.


Book buy links:


Author bio: Xenia Melzer is a mother of two who enjoys riding and running when she’s not writing stories. She doesn’t like beer but is easily tempted by a Virgin Mojito. Or chocolate. Truffles are especially cherished, even though she doesn’t discriminate. As a true chocoholic, she welcomes any kind of cocoa-based delight.


Author contacts:


Interview Roulette: TA Moore

TA Moore spins the wheel today!

If you had to live in a movie, TV show, or book, which would you choose and why?

It has to be said, anywhere interesting I wouldn’t survive long. A combination of poor genetics and a sedentary lifestyle has left me with ‘background victim’ written through me like a stick of rock. Walking Dead? Lucky if I got turned into a zombie. Game of Thrones? Lucky if I got turned into an ice zombie.

I’m going to go with Narnia. As a child I loved those books to distraction and, being an exceptionally irreligious child, didn’t even pick up on the whole Christianity angle until later. Bad things happen in Narnia, but if you pick your era carefully you have a good chance of a nice, long life surrounded by talking animals. What’s not to like?

(My other choice was Emmerdale, which is a British soap where you really only have to worry about ratings inspired death two or three times a year. It’s set in the Yorkshire Dales, which are lovely.)

Warm weather or cold?

Tepid. I’m a bog dweller, genetically intended to live in a damp, chilly environment. Too much heat and I fry like a bit of bacon, too much ice and I fall down and wheeze. There’s also whining, but I’m from the UK. We whine about the weather, it’s like a hobby.


  1. What’s one thing that inspired your latest book?


Bone to Pick was inspired by a lot of different things, but Bourneville was inspired a lot by my childhood dog, Lady. Lady was a gorgeous German Shepherd — my mum used to have loads of her old rosettes from shows — who loved me to distraction. Once I was born she slept in my room under my crib, she let baby me steal her bones (my mum found me gumming a knuckle bone more than once, that had to be a worry), and se once saved my gran and me from a break-in. I must have only been about three or four, but I still remember that. It was after midnight, but I’d heard someone at the front door and thought it was granddad home from working late. So I got up and was halfway downstairs and Lady snaked past me. She wasn’t even running, she was so low to the ground she looked like a lizard and snarling like I’d never heard before. I’d not even realised it wasn’t my grandad yet, but obviously she knew this was a person not meant to be in her house. She chased him off, and dined like a QUEEN for a week.

I’ve loved other dogs — I love all dogs — but Lady was the best dog. She just was.

Someone is writing your biography. What’s the title? And who plays you in the movie?

She seemed so Nice? And, um, Jason Momoa…? I’m willing to take a few inaccuracies in order to get to meet him!

What hobby do you wish you could take up?

Knitting! A friend of mine does the most amazing crochet projects and they are stunning. I tried to knit a herring once for a play (long story) and it came out looking like a mutagenically deformed veteran of the Cod Wars. I don’t have the attention span to keep track of the stitches, I get distracted and miscount, or freestyle something, which apparently leads to disaster.

A tourist lands in your town. What should he or she see or do?

The Temple of the Winds. It’s less impressive than the name suggests, but it’s a cute wee building and the views are unbelievable over Barr’s Bay. Check it out:

Describe one of your characters’ deepest regrets.

Cloister regrets not saving his brother. He was only four at the time, and he doesn’t remember what happened, but he has always lived with the sinking conviction that he could have — that he should have — done something.

Book buy links:


Author bio:

TA Moore genuinely believed that she was a Cabbage Patch Kid when she was a small child. This was the start of a lifelong attachment to the weird and fantastic. These days she lives in a market town on the Northern Irish coast and her friends have a rule that she can only send them three weird and disturbing links a month (although she still holds that a DIY penis bifurcation guide is interesting, not disturbing). She believes that adding ‘in space!’ to anything makes it at least 40% cooler, will try to pet pretty much any animal she meets (this includes snakes, excludes bugs), and once lied to her friend that she had climbed all the way up to Tintagel Castle in Cornwall, when actually she’d only gotten to the beach, realized it was really high, and chickened out.

She aspires to being a cynical misanthrope, but is unfortunately held back by a sunny disposition and an inability to be mean to strangers. If TA Moore is mean to you, that means you’re friends now.

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