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I’m excited to announce the Blyd and Pearce blog tour, which begins today! Each stop includes original content, most of it related to noir films and fiction. There are also excerpts and a giveaway. So please join me!

July 17 MM Good Book Reviews

July 24 Boy Meets Boy Reviews

July 25 Love Bytes

July 26 Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words

July 27 My Fiction Nook

July 30 Open Skye Book Reviews

July 31 Long and Short Reviews

August 1 Dreamspinner Press

Summer adventure, part 2

My younger kid and I took the train 2000 miles east, then spent a few days hanging out in Chicago. Here are some pics of the city.

 . This is from a river cruise.

 Obligatory photos at the Bean.

 At the American Writers Museum, which we loved.

 At the Art Institute: American Teenage Gothic

Have you been to Chicago? What was your favorite part?

Summer adventure, part 1

I mentioned two weeks ago that I was in the middle of a journey. My 15-year-old daughter and I took the train from Sacramento to Chicago, a distance of roughly 2000 miles. We spent a few days in Chicago before flying back. I thought I’d share some pics. Today, train photos!

We got a bedroom on the train; it comes with its own bathroom. Which consists of a tiny toilet/shower cubicle. Using it was a bit of an adventure.


The room itself was comfy and we slept really well.

And the scenery was gorgeous, especially along the Colorado River.

If you have the opportunity to take the California Zephyr, do it! Oh, and I finished a novella somewhere in the middle of Iowa. 🙂





J. Scott Coatsworth on Magical Realism

The inimitable J. Scott Coatsworth has a new book out, and he’s here to talk about his inspiration.

Magical Realism

I’ve always had a fascination for magical realism, especially when it involves queer characters, but I haven’t found that much of it out there.

One stand-out exception is Nancy Springer’s Larque on the Wing, in which a suburban housewife unleashes her inner gay man.

Magical Realism is different from Urban or contemporary fantasy. In magical realism, the world is heightened by magic, but usually in a subtle, often beautiful way. But the world itself isn’t full-on magical.

Since I couldn’t find much with queer characters, I decided to write some of my own, and “The Bear at the Bar” is one of my first. It tells the tale of a gym bunny—a very athletic, very handsome gay man—who spends the day in the shoes of a bear – a man who is—shall we say—less traditionally attractive.

This story holds a place near and dear to my heart because it’s also the first fiction story I ever sold.

In 2014, I decided to try writing once again after a twenty-year hiatus. I stalked the Dreamspinner Press anthology web page, and wrote a story for every antho call on the site. This one was one of the first ones I submitted for, and when B.G. Thomas and Anne Regan chose it for the “bears” book “A Taste of Honey,” I was over the moon.

What followed was a rash of publications—more than twenty to date, that established me as a real author, and it all started from this little seed.

In a way, it brought a little magic into my own life—my own personal magical realism tale.

I hope you enjoy it!

Dex is a gay Adonis.

When he walks into Seattle’s Ransom bar, heads turn. He can have just about anyone he wants, and he does, every night.

Until he meets a bear at the bar and everything changes.

“The Bear at the Bar” is a short story originally published in 2014 in the “A Taste of Honey” anthology.


And now for something completely different….

As you read this, I’m on a train somewhere between Sacramento and Chicago. An adventure! But one without wifi or, for the most part, cell service. In theory, conducive to writing, right? I’ll post photos of the journey, and of some of the sights in Chicago.

But in the meantime, you have a book to preorder!

Blyd and Pearce releases from Dreamspinner July 24. I’ll have a blog tour in which I discuss one of my major inspirations for the book, noir books and films. I’ll have a giveaway too. But in the meantime you can admire that beautiful cover and preorder.

Also, be on the lookout for The Bureau: Volume 1 to release in audio format within the next week or so. Joel Leslie narrates it, and he did a wonderful job.