30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 16

16. Bullet your entire day.

My days vary depending on the day of the week and time of year. I don’t teach on Mondays, so here’s my schedule for today.

  • Wake up.
  • Think of plot ideas while showering.
  • Go downstairs. Have espresso and a banana while reading email, etc.
  • Go to work.
  • Deal with 10,000 problems.
  • Have meeting with someone I’d rather not.
  • Deal with more problems.
  • Go home for late lunch.
  • Email and social media.
  • Greet kids when they get home. Point them toward homework.
  • Listen to audiobook (Spook Squad!)¬†while I do my daily walk.
  • Tell students I won’t round 78.3% up to a B.
  • Grade stray term papers.
  • Watch husband make dinner. Eat with family.
  • Convince husband or kid to go for evening walk.
  • More email and social media, plus various small work tasks.
  • Write (sequel to Love Can’t Conquer)
  • Eat dessert (this is important)
  • Go to bed
  • Think of 30 things I absolutely must do in the morning. Write them down (I keep a notepad by the bed).
  • Sleep.

You’ll notice there’s not a lot of housework going on in that list, plus I don’t watch TV.

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