Almost vacation

As I prepare to drag myself and my family all over the place for the holidays, I thought I’d share two photos with you. The first one is my younger daughter working on peppermint bark (recipe in my last post).

You can tell from her expression that she takes pounding very seriously. Careful drizzling is even more crucial to her.

And this is Xena, Warrior Princess. She lives outside my office building, where she is very well-fed. Sometimes she lets people pet her. She was the inspiration for Elwood, the cat in Speechless. Xena has been blind in one eye since she showed up as a kitten, but not too long ago she actually lost that eye completely when she got into a fight with a fox. She’s a pretty tough cat.
And I need to mention: Dreamspinner is discounting everything by 25% from now through Christmas. So stock up! I just did. :-)