I’m in New York City for a few days on non-authorly business. I managed to write a couple thousand words on the newest novel during the plane ride. And here’s Equipoise over Times Square:


I just saw the pencil sketch for the cover of my upcoming novel, Good Bones, and it’s terrific. The artist managed to draw the protagonists exactly how I saw them in my head. Within the next two weeks or so I ought to get the final, painted version back, and then I can share it with you.

Next week I’m off to an academic conference in New York, and I’m not ready for it. I enjoy conferences and I’m usually better prepared, but this time I happen to be 63,000 words into my latest novel, and I’d so much rather be writing that!     

My eyes are bigger than my stomach

The other day my wonderful, supportive husband gave me a lecture on over-extending myself. This may have had something to do with the fact that I currently have four books (two novels and two textbooks) in various stages of writing and editing. Or maybe it was because I had just announced to him that I intend to attend the GayRomLit retreat for the first time, even though that will mean traveling to Albuquerque less than two weeks after I return from a conference in Europe. My husband may have had a teeny-weeny little point.

Whenever I ordered more food than I could eat, my grandmother used to say that my eyes are bigger than my stomach. I wonder if there’s a similar phrase that can be applied to life in general?     

This weekend I’m grading exams. Far, far too many exams. It’s a difficult enough exercise to begin with, especially because I’d much rather be working on my latest novel (I’m 24,000 words in). But then I get unintelligible handwriting, inability to follow simple directions, atrocious mangling of the English language, and flagrant disregard for reality. For example, I have learned this weekend that Christopher Columbus founded the United States, that the Nazis tried to kill all the Jews in Germy, that a person might be concerned about the possibility that events will sparrow out of control, and that there exists something (I’m not sure what it is) called a futurity.

We have winners!

Congratulations to Jason and Stella, who were randomly chosen as the winners in the Valentine’s Day contest! They’ll each be receiving a set of the Praesidium trilogy. And thank you very much to everyone who entered!

I’ll do another giveaway when my next novel comes out this spring, so watch this blog for details. 🙂

Reminders and San Francisco

Two reminders:
February 5 is the last day to get Flux for free in Kindle format.

You can still comment to win a complete set of the trilogy: http://kfieldingwrites.blogspot.com/2012…

I am in San Francisco this weekend, having a Mental Health Weekend, which means hanging out with friends and eating good food and shopping and people-watching and writing. My wonderful husband is holding down the fort at home with the kids (and eating at Hometown Buffet). This is one of my favorite cities in the world, and, after visiting a lot of places, I believe it has the best people-watching anywhere. Like tonight, when I saw a guy dressed as a clown share a joint with someone and then juggle fire. Or this afternoon at the Caffe Trieste, when a drunk walked in, dropped a glass bottle, and yelled something unintelligible about Italy, and the guy at the counter smiled, called him by name, and told him to chill. Or the clerk stuck working at Walgreens on Market Street on a Saturday night, who was amazingly cheery and friendly.

The entire Praesidium trilogy was inspired in part by this city, and the cover of Flux as well as the front and back covers of Equipoise have photos taken here. Points for anyone who can identify the locations!