Back on the West Coast

I had a wonderful several days at the Dreamspinner author workshop. I didn’t take many photos. I didn’t even do any Disney or Universal stuff, even though we were in Orlando.┬áBut it was great to hang out with old friends and new. We got lots of useful and inspiring information too.

And then I had to schlep myself all the way back across the continent and to real life.

I came back to lots of things: cover art concepts for Love Can’t Conquer, which releases this summer; 3rd round edits for the same book; partial edits for Equipoise, which rereleases in November; and┬ábeta edits for Controlled, which I will be submitting soon. No rest for the wicked! But the good news is that in the second half of this year, you should expect lots of new stuff from me.

Also at home, I discovered my husband’s new glasses had arrived. He’s red-green colorblind, but these glasses allow him to see color. Which is really nifty, I think. He’s thrilled.

So now it’s back to the grindstone. Next journeys? Family trip to SoCal at the end of the month, then in April I’ll be at RT in Vegas. I hope to see some of you there!


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