Bonjour and dobar dan

Just a teensy bit excited now, because I’ve confirmed my plans to visit Paris this fall. I’ve never been (except the airport), and I have romantic pictures of myself in my head, wandering around–my ancient high school French magically perfected–scribbling novels as I go. Probably just a wee bit unrealistic there, especially since I’ll only have 3 full days.

And then I’ll get to spend nearly a week in Zagreb, where I lived for 5 months last year. I miss it very much and I can’t wait to visit some of my favorite places, to drink espresso and Croatian wine, to eat strukli and blitva and ajvar and burek and squid ink risotto, to ride the rattly trams, to say “dobar dan” and “hvala” and “‘denja”,  to see some friends.

I think this may be the perfect way to travel, actually: splitting my time between an old favorite and an intriguing new place.