There’s busy, and then there are the kind of weeks when you work until midnight every night, wake up to work again at 6:30, and still don’t get everything done. Guess which kind of week I’ve been having.

075 We had a minor crisis when younger daughter woke up and couldn’t find her glasses. This is her bedroom–and you can see how glasses could easily be misplaced. Hell, she could have a herd of elephants in there, and as long as they were quiet, we’d never know. (No, that’s not a bloody handprint under the shark. It’s paint. Don’t ask.) I tried to get her to search for the glasses by putting things away, but she accused me of just trying to get her to clean her room. Which had crossed my mind, to be honest. Anyway, she did not clean but did find her glasses two days later, so that’s mostly good.

070Tomorrow morning I leave for RT in Vegas. It’s a 475 mile drive, which I would be dreading except I get to do it with the amazing Amy Lane. In the last 6 months, she’s put up with me on a road trip to San Diego (400 miles each way) and a flight from Orlando to Houston, which proves she’s a patient woman. And we have fun together.

I’ve packed more for a week in Vegas than I did for 5 months in Europe. Here’s my suitcase with my younger daughter, for scale. She’s 5 feet tall and probably weighs less than the suitcase. I also have a box of swag. Plus I shipped two other boxes–one of which the USPS has misrouted, and the delivery status of which is unknown. And, according to the people at the USPS, unknowable. Nice.

072 073

In preparation for RT, I redyed my hair. And got a manicure to match. I may be missing half my swag, but I will be colorful, dammit!

In celebration of RT, Dreamspinner has temporarily priced 35 books for $1! One of them is my Motel. Pool.–which takes place mostly in Vegas, and was inspired by a road trip a few years ago. If you’ve been hesitant about this book because it’s a ghost story, now’s your chance to give it a try. You won’t regret it.

Have you checked out my Upcoming Releases page lately? In the next 7 months, I’ll have 5 (!) novels and a novella come out, plus translations and several audiobooks. And Venona Keyes and I are just finishing up another novel. This explains the busyness I mentioned at the beginning.

Okay. I have exams to grade before I hit the road. If you’re going to RT, make sure to say hello!


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