Do you enjoy camping?

The idea appeals to me, yet so do bathrooms and comfy mattresses.

The last time I went camping was in high school. I was in the school Outdoor Club, and a whole group of us went to the Oregon coast. In November, which was a mistake—it’s generally more than a wee bit damp then. And as luck would have it, we caught the tail end of a hurricane that weekend. Rain came down in buckets and the tents blew over. My friend Pam and I were lucky. We were short enough to sleep in the back of our advisor’s Subaru station wagon. I don’t remember why we didn’t all just give up and drive home.

So I haven’t gone camping since, but a few years ago my husband and I bought a tent and some other supplies, I guess in case the spirit moved us. A couple of weeks ago, my younger daughter erected the tent—which is huge—and spent the night in our backyard.

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So at least the tent has come in handy.

Now, I might consider RV camping. I’ve always been fascinated by RVs. But I’ve never actually tried it.

In Astounding!, the guys take a trip to Yosemite in an RV. Surprises wait for them.

What are your camping experiences? Any advice?

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