Celebrate with me

Today is my birthday. To celebrate becoming, er, more vintage, I’m running off to San Francisco for the weekend with my husband. We are abandoning the children. We are going to eat Vietnamese and Japanese food and walk up and down hills. And maybe I’ll make some more progress on my story for the Goodreads M/M Romance group’s annual event. Yay!

I think you all should celebrate with me. Leave me a comment below about something that made you smile lately. I’ll randomly choose a winner on Tuesday, March 25, at 8pm Pacific time to receive an electronic copy of either Pligrimage or–in case you want to practice your Spanish–Sin Palabras.

7 thoughts on “Celebrate with me”

  1. I snagged a beautiful leather handbag for my niece’s birthday next month, and also got one for myself. Total splurge and I had a big old grin on my face the rest of the day. 😀 Happy Birthday!

  2. The produce manager in my grocery store gave me tips on protecting my new bulb shoots in case it freezes again. He is young enough to be my son, but treats me like an equal! (He might be gay, but I don’t have the best gaydar.)

  3. Happy Birthday Kim!
    Have a wonderful kid-free time with hubby and enjoy.

    We have a big family ‘thing’ coming up in April and we had to buy the kids dressy clothes and my boys learned how to tie their own ties ( first time they have actually ever worn a tie, but still).
    It’s amazing, I still see the little guys they were and now they are tying ties. *sigh* it made me smile, even if I am a little sad to see them so grown up.

  4. Happy birthday! Hope it’s great, you’ve got plans that sound quite fun.

    What’s making me smile today is getting to spend more time with friends this weekend than usual – hung out with different groups Thursday and Friday and am also going to this evening and tomorrow!

  5. Happy Birthday, Kim. Have a great trip.

    A former student stopped me and told me he was graduating soon and I was still his favorite teacher at the university. that made me smile.

    Also Pilgrimage made me smile (will be reviewing it soon). So yeah, I don’t need in the drawing.

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