Chained playlist

Sometimes I listen to music to get me in the right mood while I’m writing. Since Chained takes place in 1989–and since music is important to one of the main characters–I had an appropriate playlist as I worked on that story. Not so much the stuff I listened to in 1989, which tended toward punk and dinosaur rock, but rather the songs you’d hear on a top-40 station or maybe dance to in a club. These are the songs that are so important to Terry.

In case you’d like to listen too, I’ve compiled a playlist of the songs alluded to in the story. Where possible, I’ve linked the original music video. Give them a listen and take a little trip backwards in time.

Do you have favorite songs from this era? List them in a comment!

2 thoughts on “Chained playlist”

  1. I always listen to songs that I read about in novels. After reading ‘Chained’ I remembered how amazing a ‘Walk Like Egyptrian’ is;) Thank you for that!

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