Cover Reveal: Love Can’t Conquer

I’m very excited to be able to reveal the cover of my upcoming novel, Love Can’t Conquer!


That beautiful cover is by Brooke Albrecht.

This book releases June 3, but you can preorder now from Dreamspinner Press.

I’m planning for this to be the first in a series. And in June I’ll have a blog tour going–with prizes. In the meantime, I have a book trailer:

And here’s the blurb:

Bullied as a child in small-town Kansas, Jeremy Cox ultimately escaped to Portland, Oregon. Now in his forties, he’s an urban park ranger who does his best to rescue runaways and other street people. His ex-boyfriend, Donny—lost to drinking and drugs six years earlier—appears on his doorstep and inadvertently drags Jeremy into danger. As if dealing with Donny’s issues doesn’t cause enough turmoil, Jeremy meets a fascinating but enigmatic man who carries more than his fair share of problems.
Qayin Hill has almost nothing but skeletons in his closet and demons in his head. A former addict who struggles with anxiety and depression, Qay doesn’t know which of his secrets to reveal to Jeremy—or how to react when Jeremy wants to save him from himself.
Despite the pasts that continue to haunt them, Jeremy and Qay find passion, friendship, and a tentative hope for the future. Now they need to decide whether love is truly a powerful thing or if, despite the old adage, love can’t conquer all.
I hope you decide to give Jeremy and Qay a try!

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