The new school year is being celebrated in the usual way: with hours upon hours of mind-numbing meetings, in which administrators prove that their double-talk skills have not withered over the summer, and the same faculty members make the same commentary they’ve been making since time immemorial. How festive! When the students show up next week we will continue revelry with bouts of panic, confusion, and whining, peppered with charming questions (“Do I really need to buy the textbook?” “Oh, you mean I was supposed to take Chem I before I took Chem II?” “I’ve flunked this class three times. Can I take it Independent Study this time?”) and expressions of horror.

Okay, I will eventually come to terms with the fact that summer is over. But let me enjoy my last bit of denial. I think some photos might help.

Graz, Austria has the best graffiti and second-best cafe in Central Europe. To wit:

This cafe is located on a man-made island in the middle of the river that flows through Graz. There are regular tables as well as comfy stadium-type seating:

There is a play are for kids, a really cool and complicated rope structure that can keep them busy for a long time:

While the grownups relax with their glasses of Aperol spritz.

Okay. I feel better already. Ready to face the bright shiny faces and eager-to-learn minds of my students.