Kids returned to school today. I had a zillion errands to run and work to do at the office, but decided to treat myself to Starbucks and Animal Magnetism on my iPad. It should have been good. I had a venti light caramel Frappuccino and the Ramones were playing over the sound sytsem.

But first the man sitting next to me was interviewing people for a job as youth pastor at his church. Interviewing them loudly, with much talk of the gospel. Then a large group of thirty-something moms–thrilled to have gotten rid of kids for the day–took up residence nearby, and they were even louder. And then the barista, who was sort of puppy-dog cute, came to clear the table next to me and decided he needed to strike up a conversation. “Did you like your drink?” (It’s a frigging Frappuccino, exactly like ten zillion others I’ve had.) “What are you reading?” Then he actually looked over my shoulder and, well, he got an eyeful. Puppy-barista blushed, stammered something, and moved away quickly.

I kind of wish I’d been writing something really explicit instead of reading.