I am really lucky about many things. One of the things I’m especially lucky about is that I have a wonderful dad–the kind of guy who I can still call when I have computer problems or need advice, even though I’ve been a grownup for a long time (theoretically, anyway). I’m also way lucky to be married to a man who is an excellent father to our two daughters. He’s patient and supportive and an internationally-known barbecuer.

My family is a pretty “traditional” one, in the sense that we have a man married to a woman, with two biological offspring. But today I’m reminded that family encompasses many more models than that. Anyone who thinks that they can limit the meaning of the word family, or who thinks that other models of families somehow endanger their own, badly needs to reassess.

Click here to thank JC Penney for understanding what family is.

(At the moment my family involves a lot of screaming because the 9-year-old has apparently stolen and hidden the 12-year-old’s phone.)