Whenever possible, I stay home from the day job on Fridays so I can maybe get some work done. In the office I get interrupted constantly, so Fridays are my chance to accomplish something–like wading through a mountain of exams and working on the (boring academic) chapter that’s due at the end of the month.

So here’s what my day has been like:

  • Monthly maid service shows up 30 minutes early
  • Secretary texts, then calls, with complicated questions
  • A dozen students send emails asking if I will round up their grades
  • Junior high principal calls about issue with Kid 2
  • Husband comes home early with hurt arm, blasts TV
  • Doorbell rings twice with packages
  • Phone rings multiple times, mostly robocalls
  • Software miscalculates student grades, a problem that takes an hour to fix
  • Administrator emails me to tell me you can’t assess “understanding”, so a course proposal needs fixing
  • Brother and SIL send very distracting and delicious package full of goodies
  • Two faculty members from my department email with urgent questions

Good grief! The worst of it is that what I really want to be doing is dealing with the round of Stasis edits that arrived yesterday or writing a novella about aliens. Both those will have to wait.

How’s your weekend shaping up?


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