Gold Rush adventures, part 2

I had a couple of wonderful days of adventures. Before you read this post, make sure you check out Amy Lane’s blog and my part 1.

After leaving Foresthill, we caravanned to Coloma, which involved a drive down a lovely twisty road that was really fun in my Mini. You’ll have to ask Amy whether it was as fun to be the passenger. Coloma is the location of Sutter’s Mill where gold (of course) was discovered by the unfortunate James Marshall in 1848.

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Temps were in the mid 90s, and the kids really wanted to go into the river but had to comfort themselves with the old jail instead. We, um, sort of ignored the “unsafe structure–stay away” signs. Nobody was collapsed upon.

130 Then we drove up the state’s shortest highway, which is all kinds of cool, isn’t it? It’s a half mile long. And at the top is a monument to poor James Marshall, who started the gold rush but died penniless. At least he got an impressive statue with a great view.


You will have to use your imagination to find his ghost in that group photo. But anyway, who needs ghosts when you have such a fun group of living people? My Q (there in the front) had a fantastic time with Squish and Zoomboy. You’ve never seen such a trio of wonderfully quirky kids. Have I mentioned that Amy has a great family?

After Coloma, we went to Placerville for cell phone service and dinner.


Placerville was originally called Hangtown, and some memories of that time are still, well, hanging around. Yes, they really have a hanging dummy on Main Street. I can only imagine what visitors from other countries must think. Nowadays, though, life in Placerville is more nurturing.


We had pot pies for dinner with Amy’s gang. Then, unfortunately, they had to head home, while Q and I spent the first of two nights in haunted hotels. I’ve roadtripped with Amy before—once with the equally fun Christopher Koehler and now with Amy’s family—and every time has been such a joy!

Check back tomorrow for haunted hotels.



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