Guilty pleasure

I have a guilty secret–a shameful addiction.

It’s not books, although I have far more of them than I have time to read and most of my shelves are double-stacked with books. But I don’t feel guilty about that particular habit, nor is it a secret from anyone who knows me–especially anyone who steps foot in my house.

No, what I’m admitting to you today is that I love office supplies and school supplies.

I always have. When I was a kid my dad would bring home computer paper: the green and white striped kind with the perforations at the edges. I loved that stuff. I can still conjure the smell of it. Nowadays I can’t be trusted in Staples or the back-to-school section of Target. I’m not sure what’s so appealing about those pretty pens, those reams of paper, those multicolored binders and notebooks. I even love paperclips and staples. I like the way pencils rattle slightly in their cardboard box. And on the rare occasions when I manage to visit this place in San Francisco? Beware! I can spend many hours and do serious damage to my credit card.

I know at least two other people who share my addiction. They’re both academics, which may explain a lot.

How do you feel about office supplies? What’s your guilty pleasure?

8 thoughts on “Guilty pleasure”

  1. Kim,

    I share your guilty pleasure and just tweeted about it the other day! I love this time of year and make a lot of trips to office supply stores to check out their back to school sales. Luckily, I have a friend who gathers school supplies for needy children so I have an outlet for my addiction!

    Andy Eisenberg

  2. I have mostly overcome my addiction. Not easy since we home school, so I have every excuse in the world to buy all the school supplies known to man, but I’m good. I have it under control…I SWEAR!!

    1. LOL! Homeschooling would do me in!
      I did homeschool my older daughter for a semester while we were in Europe, but didn’t have the time there to devote to accumulating school supplies. We might have managed a cool pencil sharpener and some nifty envelopes, however. *g*

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