Happy Friday

Cue maniacal laughter.

Fridays are supposed to be my quiet days to stay home and get work done. I needed this Friday badly: I have a stack of assignments to grade, galley proofs for one novel, edits for a second novel, final beta edits for a third novel, and a deadline to meet for a short and an essay for the day job.

No big deal, right?

readingSo then the younger kid is home because she puked on the way to school–but she’s not feeling quite sick enough to simply zonk out. She’s currently curled up with Anne of Green Gables, periodically pausing to ask me vocabulary questions (“Mom, what’s a raspberry cordial?”). Then my once a month maid service arrived. And–simultaneously–so did the glass guy to replace the cracked window in the living room.

So nice and quiet.

And then on top of it all I had a brainstorm for a project that involves domain name registration, trademarks, and website design.

Thus the maniacal laughter.

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