Holiday releases

I’m feeling slightly guilty, because while some of you are buckling down for dangerous weather, we’re having a beautiful day here in California. It’s supposed to be 80F here today.

But hard as it is to believe today, the winter holidays are just around the corner. I’ll have two holiday short stories released in December. One of them is a Hanukkah-themed story from Dreamspinner, entitled “A Great Miracle Happened There.” You will be able to order it separately in December, or you can get it as part of the Advent Calendar package, in which you get a story every day in December. The package is cheapest if you preorder by the end of October. Here’s the blurb for my story (which will cost $2.99 if you buy it separately:

This winter, Jude Bloch can’t decide what bothers him moreā€”the crowds of people or the holiday revelry. Even meeting handsome chef Mac Appel fails to cheer him up because Jude knows the most he could hope for is a one-night stand. But one night turns into two and then more. Maybe Mac can bring some warmth into Jude’s holiday season.

I will also have a Christmas story released by Silver Publishing. It’s called “Joys R Us.” It comes out December 13, and will cost $1.99. You can preorder now. Here’s that blurb:

Reece considers holiday events wasteful. But when he’s coerced into standing in line for this year’s must-have toy, he gets trampled by the crowd. Store manager Angel rescues him–but can Angel also show Reece the joy of Christmas?

My novel Brute will also be released in December or January. I’ll let you know when I have a release date. Along with Miner and Drew, Brute is one of my favorite characters that I’ve ever written.

But of course Halloween is even sooner! And to celebrate Halloween and the beginning of NaNoWriMo, I’ll be doing a giveaway later this week. Check back for details.