Hanukkah starts tonight. I’m finding it a little hard to be festive when I’m still neck-deep in papers and exams to grade and still struggling with the plague a cold. And I’m missing my older daughter, who’s still away at college. Still, I’m guessing some latkes will help get me in the mood.

And I wanted to share some holiday gift ideas–or ways you can pamper yourself! You can find direct buy links to all my books here.

All of the royalties from my self-published books (print, ebook, and audiobook) go to Doctors Without Borders. So if you buy one of those as a gift, you’re really giving twice. This includes:

  • Corruption (ebook)
  • Clay White (ebook)
  • The Sacrifice and Other Stories (ebook and print)
  • The Festivus Miracle (ebook and audio)
  • Standby (ebook)
  • Joys R Us (ebook and audio)
  • Flux (audio)
  • Equipoise (audio)
  • The Downs (ebook and audio)
  • Guarded (ebook and audio)
  • Treasure (ebook and audio)

Or maybe you’re in the mood for a holiday story? I have a variety of those:

  • Dear Ruth (fluffy Christmas)
  • Joys R Us (fluffy Christmas)
  • Anyplace Else (solstice)
  • Grateful (fluffy Hanukkah)
  • Saint Martin’s Day
  • The Festivus Miracle
  • Alaska (not-fluffy Christmas)
  • A Great Miracle Happened There (Hanukkah)

Finally, if you haven’t read theĀ Once Upon a Time in the Weird West anthology, you can now preorder my story, “The Tale of August Hayling.” It releases Dec. 24 (and will have a cover by then!). Plus, the wonderful K.C. Kelly is recording an audio edition that will be available soon. All my royalties from these also go to Doctors Without Borders.


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