Inspiration Post #4: Doughnuts!

One of the things I enjoy when I write is including little details that set the mood or place, or that tell us something about the characters. Many of these details are inspired by things I happen to come across. A good example of this is doughnuts.

In both Good Bones and Buried Bones, the guys visit a doughnut shop. Ah, but it’s not just any doughnut shop–it’s Portland’s Voodoo Doughnut. My older daughter insists we make a pilgrimage there whenever we visit Portland, and to be honest, I don’t take much persuading.

I’ve never tried one of their famous bacon maple bars because I don’t eat mammals. But I’ve been told they’re delicious. I’ve also never ordered one of their cock and balls pastries (filled with Bavarian cream, of course). But I’ve had Tang doughnuts and Captain Crunch.

And of course I’ve had voodoo doughnuts, complete with the pretzel stick “pin” and raspberry jelly “blood.”

It is also possible to purchase this beer. My husband tried it and was not a fan. He’ll stick to doughnuts with beer on the side.

Next week: Elwood the cat!

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