Interview Roulette: BD Roca

 BD Roca joins us today!

  1. What is your favorite footwear? Boots. As Nancy Sinatra sang, they’re made for walking (& other purposes). Boots or not, I always feel better with black nail polish on my toenails. Barefoot is definitely okay once I’m wearing it.
  2. One of your characters writes a poem to his beloved. Broken Sun’s Luc would definitely write one to Morgan. He knows what a true, utter romantic Morgan is under all the surface toughness. Luc being Luc though, it would be a bit like a Sex Pistols song only with more anarchy, mentions of how good Morgan looks in his biker leathers but how much better out of them, creative and obscene use of rhyme, and images for a new tat for Morgan drawn in around the words. The tat would definitely have to be inked on a portion of Morgan’s skin not generally seen in public. And as for Morgan’s reaction, well, the poem would provoke exactly the response Luc desired. He knows exactly what makes Morgan tick 😉
  3. Which of your characters is going to Vegas with you and why? Nick from Happy Birthday, the first in the City to City stories. His days as an enforcer for a bikie gang are long behind him, but he can still turn on the threat. Because he’s a buddy, he’s going to pull someone into line for me. And his partner Jake is going to teach me how to play poker because I am seriously bad at it. Both of them have their own brand of stone-cold cool and I need some of that!
  4. What is your favorite mythological creature? An honest politician.
  5. What is your favorite procrastination method? ‘Research’ on the net. Because it matters so, so much at first draft level about the detail of a car/piece of music/what exact cologne some guy might wear—wait, the cologne does matter! It really, really does, people! In Romance Land and in real life. I personally have a preference for colognes and perfumes with a dry leather undertone to them… you see what I did there? Is wandering off-topic a form of procrastination? Really, I can’t stop myself. Apologies.
  6. Warm weather or cold? Cold.
  7. What is the oddest thing on your music playlist? I don’t know if it’s exactly odd, but Willkommen from the Cabaret soundtrack (Alan Cumming’s version). It’s funny and filthy and he’s total sexy genius. Musicals don’t do it for me but I’d kill to have seen Alan Cumming playing in that role. YouTube footage just gives a tease of how great that production would have been.
  8. Pick a politician and give him or her one piece of really good advice. OMG. Take a wild guess on both scores. It’s too depressing to even begin to answer, but I’d tactlessly (and fruitlessly) suggest try walking a mile in the shoes of those very people they’re pissing on. It would be a soggy experience for them, but a game changer. Anyway, I’m the kind of really awful dinner guest who gets cranky and argues politics across the roast chicken and 3 veg. Bread rolls get thrown, wine spluttered. You know the deal. It’s not pretty, but it’s not boring.
  9. If you could go back in time and change something in your life, what would it be? I’d leave home in my mid teens. Absolutely.
  10. What is a positive personality quality you share with one of your characters? A sense of humour. Even the worst situations often have a darkly funny edge to them. Sometimes finding that dark edge is about the only thing that makes it tolerable, and when wonderful things are happening, well, that just makes the moment even more joyful.




A City to City novel:

James Morgan: outlaw in a ruthless biker club, the Bastard Legion. Willing to do whatever he must to claw his way to the top of the club’s hierarchy.

Two things stand in the way of his ambitions: his heroin-addicted brother and his bisexuality. In Morgan’s world, his attraction to men is a death sentence, and he has no desire to pursue it… until he tangles with Luc Sinclair.

Luc Sinclair: fellow Bastard Legion biker. Tattoo artist. Rebel who wants out of a club he’s grown to despise.

Luc has a sister he’s protecting from a Legion ex-boyfriend. Saving her makes him a target. Morgan intervenes, and all bets are off. The sex is as fierce and passionate as it is dangerous. But when Morgan’s junkie brother learns of the relationship, he sees a way to advance in the Legion and take out a brother he hates. Their three worlds collide—one is left for dead, another fighting for life, and the bond between them broken.

In a dark and violent world where it’s every man for himself, finding their way back to each other and the only truth they’ve ever found will be a long, hard fight.


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BD Roca loves flawed, gritty characters and smartass one liners. She spent her early years in Brisbane, and between the crumbling houses, feral cats, steamy heat and quirky characters around her, it was pure Australian gothic. Naturally her first stories were all about the dark and mysterious until she discovered writing romance, which is a lot more fun even with a touch of the wicked stirred in.

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