Interview Roulette: Laura Lascarso

Laura Lascarso spins the wheel!


  1. Are you a nerd and/or a geek? Provide evidence to support your answer.

This question is a lot tougher to answer than I initially thought. Maybe it’s because I have to provide evidence. In order to give a proper answer, I’ll have to define what I believe a nerd/geek to be. I think of nerds as people who are really proficient at a particular subject and can really dig in on an argument or debate and defend their point of view with actual evidence. In that somewhat narrow interpretation, I’d have to say I’m probably not a nerd because I don’t think I’m an expert on anything and usually when debates arise, I doubt my own level of knowledge on the subject. I’d say I’m more of a generalist where I know a little bit about a lot of things. I’m also really bad at remembering information and facts. Like, I’ll do a whole slew of research on a topic for a book and then people will ask me questions about the topic and I’ll completely forget what I’d learned. The same thing happens when I’m revising. I’ll be like, how did I even know this, and I’ll have to look it up again just to be sure I’m not making stuff up. I can’t even trust myself!

  1. Due to a magical curse, for the rest of your life you can read only one genre of books. Which genre will it be?

Another tough question! I’d probably pick Young Adult as a genre because within that category can be any number of sub-genres. Yeah, it’s kind of a cheat answer, but there you have it.

  1. It would be nice if we got medals or ribbons for everyday achievements. What did you earn ribbons for this week?

I paid all of my bills on time and cut my son’s hair without any bald spots. Go me!

  1. Aside from writing, in what ways are you creative?

I’m what you’d call broke with expensive taste, so a lot of times I’ll see things I want and then think about ways to make it myself. Or, if I want to add a piece of furniture, so I’ll find something in need of rehab and refinish it. I like painting and working with wood because it’s so forgiving for an amateur like myself.

  1. A 17-year-old girl has asked one of your characters for advice. What is she asking about and what advice does the character give?

She’s probably asking, is it always going to be this hard? And my character would tell her no, it won’t always be this hard, but you have to go through it in order to reach the other side. I’m sorry. I wish I could take the pain for you, but it is part of your journey. I hope you make some friends along the way and if the journey becomes too hard at points, ask for help.

  1. If you were to become a street performer, what would you do to entertain people and earn some money?

This is another great question. I am not the best at performing (I’m more of a backstage person), so I would probably rely on my strongest talent and read aloud from books that either I’ve written or gotten permission to read or classics where I’m not infringing on copyright. I sometimes read whole books aloud to my family and it’s pretty fun, though I don’t know anyone would pay me to do it J

  1. Which modern invention could you absolutely not survive without?

Honestly, because I live in Florida and I absolutely love it, I’d probably say air conditioner, because without it, I’d have to move north into cooler climes. A close second would be a word processor. I can’t imagine not being able to “delete” in a manuscript.


Book Title: When Everything Is Blue

Publication Date: Dreamspinner Press: March 4, 2018

Book blurb:

Sometimes the people we need most aren’t bonded by blood but by something deeper.

When they were kids, golden boy Chris Mitcham rescued dweeby Theo Wooten from the neighborhood bullies and taught him how to “be cool.” Now, years later, Theo’s developed romantic feelings for his best friend that “arise” at the most inopportune times. Theo hates lying to Chris, but in coming out, he might lose the one person who understands him best, a risk he’s not willing to take.

When a relationship with another young man goes south, Theo is forced to confront his own sexuality along with his growing attraction to Chris and the stunted, tenuous relationship Theo has with his father. Will Chris abandon Theo when he learns the truth, or will he stand by him in this tumultuous season of self-discovery?

In this quirky coming-of-age romance, Theo’s path to manhood is fraught with several awkward firsts, a few haters, but also the tender comfort of an unexpected lover.


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Author bio:

Laura Lascarso wants you to stay up way past your bedtime reading her stories. She aims to inspire more questions than answers in her fiction and believes in the power of storytelling to heal and transform a society. When not writing, Laura can be found screaming “finish” on the soccer fields, rewatching Veronica Mars, and trying to convince politicians that climate change is real. She lives in North Florida with her darling husband and two kids. She loves hearing from readers, and she’d be delighted to hear from you.

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  • Facebook: /lascarso
  • Twitter: @lauralascarso

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