Interview Roulette: Victoria Sue

Victoria Sue plays today!

  1. Due to a magical curse, for the rest of your life you can read only one genre of books. Which genre will it be?

Paranormal definitely. I love shifters especially and every time I try to write a contemporary it seems to grow four legs and a tail.

  1. What is your least favorite thing about California?

Never having been? Oh no – wait I did once. GRL in San Diego – but I only saw the airport and the hotel so not sure that counts.

  1. You’ve just met an alien from a planet where there’s no such thing as fiction writing. Explain to him/her/it/them why humans read made-up stories.

Because most of the current world we live on is crap so we have to make stuff up. Seriously, Alien – turn your ship around and get the hell out of here.

  1. If your home lost electricity for one week, what would you do to survive?

Well, living in Florida—hurricanes and the like—I’ve done five days where we existed on snacks and batteries. So long as I’ve got batteries for my kindle it’s all good.

  1. One of your books is being made into a movie. Who would you cast for the major roles?

THOR! Sorry, I mean Chris Hemsworth. I mean, he’s a god anyway. I think the book would be Five Minutes Longer and Thor, whoops—Chris Hemsworth—would be Talon. The team leader of my super-hero FBI team. His sidekick—Finn—would be Chris Pine.

  1. If you were to write fanfic (or maybe you already have!) which fandom(s) would it be?

Star Trek—not the original though. I need Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto to “boldly go” somewhere together…


Book blurb: The Askaran desert can no longer sustain the secret hybrid population of wolves bred from those sent there to die for their crimes. Justice knows the time has come to lead his wolves to a new life, but soon realizes his pack could never be governed by nor swear fealty to the cruel and despotic Alpha of Solonara—Darius—so he hatches a plan to fight and ultimately kill the Alpha, his heir, and take over the territory.
Cashel should not exist. It was unheard of for an Alpha-heir to be born an omega, and Darius has made every day a torment for his son. After spending years failing to breed another heir, and desperate not to have to give his territory away to another pack, he finally turns his attention back to Cashel and a whole new nightmare begins.
Justice’s whole life has been about righting a wrong and delivering the very thing he was named for. Meeting Cashel, and finding out he is his true mate, sends his carefully constructed plans and promises up in flames. When he discovers Darius’s cruelty runs deeper than any of them imagined, he is faced with a last desperate choice between his love for Cashel or his loyalty to his people.


Book buy links: The Alpha Prince (Amazon and KU)


Author bio: Victoria Sue fell in love with love stories as a child when she would hide away with her mom’s library books and dream of the dashing hero coming to rescue her from math homework. She never mastered math but when she ran out of library books she decided to write her own. Loves reading and writing about gorgeous boys loving each other the best—especially with a paranormal twist—but always with a happy ending. Is an English northern lass currently serving twenty to life in Florida—unfortunately, she spends more time chained to her computer than on a beach.
Loves to hear from her readers and can be found most days lurking on Facebook where she doesn’t need factor 1000 sun-cream to hide her freckles.


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