Interview Roulette: Wendy Rathbone

Today’s player is Wendy Rathbone!

  1. What is your theme song? I would love it if the Tangerine Dream soundtrack for the movie “Legend” would follow me around. If I can pick only one song, well, that changes for me from year to year. For a long time it was “Human” by The Killers. Before that it was “Wearing the Inside Out” by Pink Floyd. Now I’m not sure. My theme changes with my mood.
  2. What hobby do you wish you could take up? Years ago I was on a bowling league. I haven’t bowled in at least two decades. I think I might like to do that again.
  3. What did one of your characters last order from Amazon? This is easy because my characters are imprisoned for part of my newest novel, “The Android and the Thief”, so they have time to read. My character Khim just ordered “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu. His beloved Trev just ordered Ray Bradbury’s “Dandelion Wine”.
  4. Describe one of your weird or quirky habits. I collect sterling silver rings. I wear a crazy lot of rings. I even type with them on.
  5. You have just been crowned leader of a small island nation. What’s your first official act? Release the dragons and free all the slaves. If that’s not an issue, then I would legalize gay marriage. If that’s not an issue, then I would make available all secret documents pertaining to UFOs.


Book blurb:

The Android and the Thief, Wendy Rathbone

Will love set them free—or seal their fate?

In the 67th century, Trev, a master thief and computer hacker, and Khim, a vat-grown human android, reluctantly share a cell in a floating space prison called Steering Star. Trev is there as part of an arrangement that might finally free him from his father’s control. Khim, formerly a combat android, snaps when he is sold into the pleasure trade and murders the man who sexually assaults him. At first they are at odds, but despite secrets and their dark pasts, they form a pact—first to survive the prison, and then to escape it.

But independence remains elusive, and falling in love comes with its own challenges. Trev’s father, Dante, a powerful underworld figure with sweeping influence throughout the galaxy, maintains control over their lives that seems stronger than any prison security system, and he seeks to keep them apart. Trev and Khim must plan another, more complex escape, and this time make sure they are well beyond the law as well as Dante’s reach.


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Author bio:

Wendy Rathbone lives with a cat, three dogs, and her partner of 36 years, Della. She has been writing since the age of twelve. She lives in the high desert of southern California.

Male/male romance has been a passion of Wendy’s since before the signature “m/m” was even invented. She wrote a lot of slash fanfic in various fandoms to assuage that obsession but moved on to original writing in the fields of science fiction, fantasy, and horror where she is published in many anthologies and magazines. Her novels include both indie and traditional published.

She is an award-winning poet, a graduate from UCSD, and runs her own retail business.

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