Last Minute Gifts

First off, let me share this with you:


That’s me with my high school boyfriend in 1983. That boy turns 50 today. So if you want to assist me in being evil, send him an appropriate birthday greeting: . Lest you think maturity comes with age, he’s laid up today with a bad wrist–obtained by overdoing it on PlayStation.

Do you still have some last minute shopping to do? Remember that I donate all the proceeds from my self-published books to Doctors Without Borders. The two most recent releases would make especially good gifts such as gift baskets from Broadway Basketeers:

festivus coverThe Festivus Miracle in a great audiobook version

Sacrifice coloror The Sacrifice and Other Stories in Kindle or print versions.

Do you have holiday plans? My family and I will be driving down near Palm Springs to visit the inlaws. It’s a long drive, but part of it inspired Rattlesnake, so that’s good. I saw an old guy in a faded jeans jacket hitchhiking in the middle of the Mojave, and you know how that turned out. I’m hoping we’ll get in a visit to Joshua Tree National Park, and we’re all planning to see the new Star Wars movie in IMAX. How about you?

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