Motel Pool locations 2: Grand Canyon

Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting about some of the locations featured in my new novel, Motel. Pool. Today is the second stop: the Grand Canyon.

Until last year, the only time I’d seen the Grand Canyon was from a jet airplane. It’s pretty impressive even from thousands of feet in the air, but when you stand at the rim, it’s breathtaking.

It’s astonishing to me to look out and realize all of that was sculpted by water, and that I’m seeing layers of minerals that were laid down while our ancestors were still single-celled creatures floating around in the ocean.
Of course, the sunsets at the Canyon are stunning.
And even when there’s mist and clouds, the Canyon is beautiful.
Heck, even the restaurants give you a view.
In Motel. Pool., Tag Manning runs from another bad decision in hopes of finding something worth living for. He comes to the Grand Canyon–he even has lunch at the restaurant in the photo above–but the stunning views fail to make his heart beat. But shortly after he leaves the park, as he drives down a dark highway, he discovers he’s not alone in his car. And then… well, then things get interesting.