Motel. Pool. trivia

Sometimes when I write, I include little details that possibly nobody but me will ever notice. But they make me happy. Sometimes they help me understand a character better, sometimes they tie things together in ways that satisfy my slightly OCD-ish tendencies. Sometimes they just amuse me.

Here are three of them from Motel. Pool.  They’re a little spoilery, so you might want to skip this if you haven’t read the book.


Scroll down just a bit….


1. Jack in Motel. Pool. is related to Joseph, one of the main characters in Violet’s Present. Joseph was Jack’s uncle. Jack mentions him briefly to Tag at one point.

2. While Jack waits at the Jasper Motel, he thinks he hears a car crash. What he heard was the accident that killed Officer Mike Broderick several years earlier. (Jasper’s a strange place, where things like that can happen–like when Jack daydreams Tag.) Officer Broderick obliquely refers to that accident the first time he meets Tag.

3. About one-third of the way into the book, a character tells us how it’s going to end. But nobody pays any attention.

Did you notice any of these when you were reading?

4. It’s never mentioned in Brute, but when they were young, Lord Meliach had an unrequited crush on Gray. That helps explain his complicated and perhaps conflicted behavior toward Gray years later.

I like it when characters from different stories cross paths.

5. Jeff and Cleve from Venetian Masks make a cameo appearance in Pilgrimage.

6. Of course, Travis and Drew from Speechless meet the Bones guys, Dylan and Chris, in The Gig. And Travis and Drew will also make brief appearances in the third Bones book, Bone Dry. It’s due out this fall.

2 thoughts on “Motel. Pool. trivia”

  1. I noticed 5. and 6. of course. BTW in the Gig there is a mention of someone who just moved to Alaska so his job is free. Was it one of the guys from your story Alaska or just a coincidence?

    Oh, and I’ve been wondering (not that it’s important) are the places where the Ennek books, Brute and Treasure (maybe Pilgrimage too though I haven’t read that one yet) take place in the same universe/planet or somewhere completely different?

    1. You’re good! I hadn’t intended the Alaska connection, so that’s just a coincidence. But we can pretend it’s on purpose. 😉

      Brute, Treasure, and Pilgrimage could definitely be in the same universe. The Ennek books, probably not. I invision that world as one where the Roman Empire lasted longer and eventually stretched to the Americas (and where there’s magic, of course).

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