Nice donation!

A dozen grown men are currently gathered in my kitchen, eating pizza, drinking beer, and loudly debating who gets to pretend to have which player. Ugh. I hate fantasy football season.

So I’m going to make a much cheerier post instead. Later today I will be sending Doctors Without Borders a donation of $600. This brings this year’s donations to $1200, and we still have several months left. I am so excited to be able to give such a generous amount to such a worthy cause! And I couldn’t do it without you, because this money comes from the royalties from my Praesidium trilogy. When you–or your friends, relatives, coworkers–buy a copy of Stasis, Flux, or Equipoise, 100% of the royalties I receive gets donated. Individually, it’s not a lot. I get 33 cents from every copy of Stasis that Amazon sells for 99 cents. But it adds up very nicely, as you can see!