Oh, what tangled webs

After allowing my yarn stash to sit dormant (and mocking me) for a decade or so, I’ve finally returned to it. I made a scarf/shawl thing that I really like. And last week I finally finished the Century Afghan!

The real name of this pattern is Lizard Ridge. But I knitted those many squares over a decade ago and picked them up again recently. It took another zillion years to join them and then knit on the million miles of I-cord edging. So I think of it as the Century Afghan. I blocked it yesterday and thanks to warmish, windy weather it’s almost completely dry this morning. I love the way it looks and I am so happy to have finally completed it!

I decided on socks for my next project. I have a lot of sock yarn. Unfortunately, the particular skein of yarn I choose was done up poorly by the original dyer and spent the last decade tangling itself into oblivion. Despite help from a swift and my patient husband, it was a knotted disaster that took hours to deal with. Niki helped too, toward the end.

As you can imagine, she was extremely helpful. But we finally have the yarn wound into submission, and today I can cast on the socks.

Oh, and in Book News: Did I mention that Potential Energy released last week?

2 thoughts on “Oh, what tangled webs”

  1. Love your Century Afghan! Beautiful colors, and I admire your commitment to the I-cord edging 🙂

    I’ve been a knitter for… well, it makes me feel old to say how many decades I’ve been playing with sticks and string. Life has been a bit much lately and I haven’t picked up my needles in probably 8 months, but I love seeing other knitters’ FOs and cheering them on.

    I have so enjoyed your books, and just wanted to thank you for putting your time & effort into spinning a different kind of yarn for your readers – I think my favorite is still A Little Library. I’m looking forward to diving in to Potential Energy!

    Have a great week,

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