So I just had a crappy day at the day job. I’m a university professor. I love teaching, and my research is really important to me, but let’s just say not all of the administrators are appreciative of the 22 years of blood, sweat, and tears I’ve invested in my campus. I came home from work growling at the universe.

And then I saw Rattlesnake on Dreamspinner’s bestseller list–11 days before the book is released. And then Damon Suede and some other nice people sent lovely tweets about my beloved Brute. And thenĀ I remembered that I am 4000 words into writing my 14th novel.

All of that put my woes into perspective. So what if the day job is frustrating as hell? I am lucky enough to have been gifted with this second career–writing–a career I’d dreamed of for years. With two kids on their way to college, I’m not in the position to quit the day job yet. (Unless, of course, I sell a million copies of my books–hint hint.) But how fortunate I am to be able to set the day job aside at least part of the time and do something I love, something so fulfilling. Something that’s allowed me to meet so many wonderful people.

So many thanks to all of you for giving me your support and keeping me (mostly) sane!


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