Prize peek

This is a little tease.

My new novel Venetian Masks releases February 11. To celebrate, I’ll be holding a contest. First prize will be a box full of goodies from Venice and the other places in the book. The value of the goodies is approximately $100, and some of them are difficult or impossible to find in the US. I’ll also include a signed print of the book cover, which is gorgeous. So here’s a pic showing just a few of the items that will be included in the prize:

I’ll post the contest, along with rules, on Feb. 11. I hope you’ll have fun with it! Oh, and second prize is an e-version of your choice of my books.

10 thoughts on “Prize peek”

    1. Sadly, the prizes you see here are open only to the US. It’d costme a fortune to ship otherwise. But those of you outside the US can still win a book. 🙂

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