Today’s blog subject is productivity–mainly because I’ve had very little of it for the past few days!

I’ve always been a fast writer. I wrote my first textbook in one semester, a pace that was assisted by my knowledge that I was due to have my second child at the end of that semester. There’s nothing more inspiring than a deadline you know you can’t get around! I write fiction pretty quickly too. In the last 6 months I’ve written 3 novels, 3 short stories, and several pieces of fanfic–on top of my regular academic and household duties. When I’m working on a novel, I average maybe 2000 words a day, but I can manage much more if it’s a short story or if I have a particular reason to hurry.

Ironically, I think one of the reasons I’m so productive is that I’m also very busy. When I sit down for writing time, I’m fully aware that it’s then or never. I rarely have the kind of day where I can futz around with all those little things that waste time without accomplishing much.

I wonder sometimes if I would be as productive if I were able to write full time.