Soooo tiiiiiiiired

I am back from RT in Vegas. It was an amazing experience but I’ve had to jump right back into the day job–and I’m exhausted. I know, I know. Poor me.

006 007 004Let me begin by saying that if you must drive 500 miles each way, you want to do it with Amy Lane. Who’s still totally fun and interesting to talk to even after 8 hours on the road. And it’s not a particularly exciting drive. Our highlights included someone with a trailer full of the ugliest furniture on the planet, a flash flood alert in the desert, and a sign for Zzyzx (which you might remember from Motel. Pool.). At our lunch stop east of Bakersfield, Amy heard an interesting conversation in the bathroom, in which we also learned how to say chicken in multiple languages.


We’re also pretty sure we’ve discovered where lazy mobsters go to dump bodies: behind Whiskey Pete’s.


Vegas is not my favorite city. But I have to admit, the scenery can be very nice. On the left, the view from my room at the Rio. On the right, a different view. 🙂 I went with Eli Easton and Charlie Cochet to the Chippendales show, and we were all impressed. It’s a great show, and of course, well, the scenery.

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The RT events were fun and interesting–and by the end, exhausting. Above you can see photos from a few of them.

I also did a tour of the Strip to illustrate scenes from Motel. Pool., but I’ll post that another day.


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