Here we are, well into August, and my fall semester begins in 10 days. Sigh.

It’s been quite a summer. I went to Europe twice: to Paris and Florence with my husband and then, a few weeks later, to Zagreb, Lisbon, and Porto with my older daughter. Went to BayCon. Also spent a week on the Olympic Peninsula and a several days at Big Bear Lake. Had a very mild case of Covid. Helped my older kid move 100 miles north to her own place; she’ll be working on an MA in Economics. Took my younger kid to the airport to fly north for her second year of college. Spent hours and hours and hours doing day job department chair stuff. Taught a summer class.

I managed to get some writerly things done as well. The Taste of Desert Green, a fairly angsty contemporary set in the Mojave Desert, releases August 23. Farkas, a sort of retelling of Stoker’s Dracula (set in 1950s LA), just finished final edits and will release in October. There are plans in the works for an audio version as well, with one of our favorite narrators! A holiday novella tentatively titled Ash and Clay is currently in edits. And I’m working on the 10th Bureau book. Meanwhile, Joel Leslie is working on the narration of the third Bureau anthology (which includes Caroled and Camouflaged).

So a good summer, an extremely busy summer… and it’s nearly over.

In the last four months of the year, I’ll be looking at more travel adventures and, I hope, a lot more writing!

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