Bent-Con report, part 1

Well, I had a fun weekend at Bent-Con!

One of the highlights was getting to hang out with a great group of authors:


From left to right: Venona Keyes, Morticia Knight, Rhys Ford (in the back), Piper Vaughn, Marilin (whose name I’m spelling wrong–sorry!!), Poppe Daniels, me, ZA Maxfield, Jordan Hawk, Rafe Haze, Gin Hale, Marshall Thornton, LE Franks, James Buchanan. Also there, but not pictured were Belinda McBride, Jet Mykles, Lou Harper, and Lou Sylvre.

Another highlight was the cosplay:

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I met some great people, too:

004  042

That’s Merman Jax on the left (out of costume, but still very cute). And on the right, Jon Macy, author of Fearful Hunter, doing an awesome drawing when he signed my book.

I’ll post more pics later this week.


Goodreads nominations

I’m off to Bent-Con. I will post pics and a report. But first I have to survive a really boring 300-mile drive. I have audiobooks. If you’ll be at Bent-Con, please stop by to say hello. I’ll be at the Inkslingers booth (along with some fantastic authors).

Some of you wonderful people have nominated me for several things at the Goodreads M/M Romance group’s Member’s Choice awards. Thank you so much!! If you’re a member (it’s free to join) you can continue to nominate your favorite authors and stories through November 22. Voting begins November 28.

12-N 15-N 16-N 19-N 21-N 25-N 40-N


Oh, and be sure and check out Amber Kell’s birthday bash on Nov. 8 for a tiny little story with Drew and Travis from Speechless!