New pretties

I have new trading cards! The lovely and extremely talented Catherine Dair drew my beloved Ennek and Miner, and didn’t she do an outstanding job?

Ennek card Miner card

I love the colors, the outfits, the expressions on their faces….

How can you get your hands on these beautiful men? Or on the trading cards Catherine made featuring Drew and Travis? Well, I’ll have them with me at events this year–so far, GRNW and GRL. I also be giving them away in future contests.


It’s been a busy few weeks for me. I have four (FOUR!) new releases due in June and one in July, which means I’ve been going through a lot of edits. I have lots of other things in the works as well. You can see a detailed list here.

This weekend, though, my husband and I will be abandoning the children with my in-laws while we have a grown-up weekend in San Francisco. Among the planned activities are a tour of a BDSM porn studio, as well as meals in places that do not have children’s menus and crayons. I will share pics when we return. Man, I’m always so happy when I can escape to the city for a little while!