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Hi there! I’m Kay Walker, and I’m very thrilled to be here to discuss an anthology I’ve had the privilege to be a part of.  Thanks so much to Kim Fielding for hosting me today!


Earlier in the year, a group of writers via Bru Baker on Twitter had a conversation about using the theme of ‘workplace’ for writing short stories. We all went our own separate ways to create a variety of unique shorts based on that theme, and then put them together as an anthology.  Lucky for us Dreamspinner liked what we came up with!  Below is a little bit about the anthology All in a Day’s Work, and my own story called Unmasked, including an excerpt.



All in a Day’s Work blurb:


A guy’s got to make a living. He can do it the conventional way—by selling cars, scooping ice cream, or delivering sandwiches—or he can earn his money as a spy, a historical interpreter, or the host of a myth-busting television show. Whether the men in this anthology are working hard to build their own business or performing in drag at a dance hall, every day has the potential for surprises and the chance to satisfy their lust or maybe find something more permanent. For the guys in these stories, what’s all in a day’s work might be anything but what they expected.

Ice Cream Dreams by Shae Connor My OTP by Bru Baker The Bet by Holly O. Hale Not Quite 1776 by Therese Woodson Extra Mayo by Henrietta Clarke Short Timer by Jenni Michaels Dance Hall Days by Amy Jo Cousins Unmasked by Kay Walker





Unmasked summary:


In the near future, the line between the poor and the Uppers—the cruel and greedy rich—is sharper than ever. Raven’s work as a spy is to maintain the public persona of a member of high society while teaming up with his tech handler, codename Glitch, to electronically steal from the rich and redirect resources to the poor. They’ve set their sights on avaricious Upper Jakinda Diaz, who Raven has been studying for months. After a close call on the mission, Raven returns to their safe house full of restless energy. Both Raven and Glitch need to relieve the stress of their dangerous careers in espionage and they find that with each other.


Unmasked excerpt:


All clear, Magpie,” Glitch said through the communicator.

Raven growled with a little annoyance. “Raven. It’s Raven. We’re in the middle of a mission. Can’t you use the codename you’re supposed to?”

Sure thing, Toucan,” Glitch said easily, and Raven rolled his eyes. “Speaking of the mission, now is not the time to complain. You’ve got work to do.”

We’ve got work to do,” Raven stressed.

“True. That being said, digital is on loop. Funny word, isn’t it? Loop. It just means that it will only record a blank corridor, no matter who finds themself down it. Why would you call it a loop? Why not just a—constant play, or something?”

“Who’s wasting time?” Raven asked, though it came out a bit more fond than he meant. “You’re the techie, not me.” Raven let himself out of the stall. The tension and frown had melted away, the act of Marcus being unsettled and needing to excuse himself completely gone. Raven was fine. More than fine. He was about to embark on the task behind his whole reason for being at this stupid event.

Coast is clear,” Glitch said again, so Raven left the restroom and continued down the corridor, going farther and farther away from the main lobby. “Next door to your left is the stairwell. Go up three flights.

Raven pulled open the door with no problems; Glitch had unlocked them remotely so Raven wouldn’t have to chip-swipe in. He couldn’t leave a trail.



All in a Day’s Work anthology available from Dreamspinner Press: ebook || paperback



Kay Walker’s Bio: Kay Walker was born and raised on the Canadian Prairies. Growing up in a small, rural town, books not only helped to pass the time but also became a beloved form of entertainment. Reading opened up the world in ways Kay could only dream about. And dream she did! Kay now loves trying to create characters, plots, and entire worlds of her own in hopes to entertain others.

In addition to reading and writing, Kay likes watching movies and television shows—especially anything supernatural, sci-fi, LGBTQA, or with strong female characters. She enjoys traveling, spending time with friends and family, and tries to be buddies with the elliptical. (They don’t always get along.)

Twitter: @KayWalkerWrites