What’s Kim Reading Now? Housekeeping by (ahem) Kim Fielding

Yeah, okay, okay. Narcissism much? But the reason I want to mention this book isn’t because of the writing, but because I just listened to the audio version. It’s narrated by K.C. Kelly, who did such an amazing job with Brute. And he certainly didn’t disappoint me with this one.

I am a huge fan of K.C. Kelly. I’ve listened to him read Mary Calmes’ Frog, Ryan Loveless’s Ethan, Who Loved Carter, and Rowan Speedwell’s Love, Like Water. He did such a terrific job with all of them. So much so that even when it was my own book and I knew what would happen next, I sometimes walked extra blocks to hear some more.

Listening to my own books is a weird experience, because I’ve already heard those characters in my head. But K.C. Kelly managed to capture them exactly right, whether it’s Lord Maudit’s nasal irritability or Evan’s “darlings” and dramatic tones. He gets the emotions perfect too. The funny parts are funny, the sad parts are sad, and the sexy parts are sexy.

So whether you choose my books or someone else’s, you should give K.C. Kelly a try. I hope I am lucky enough to get him for future projects!