The Downs on audio

downsacxIf you’re┬ávisiting this blog, you’re a reader. Are you a listener too?

When it come to stories, I’m panliterate. I read them in print, dead-tree format and a I read them on a variety of electronic devices. I also listen to audiobooks. Audio is a practical choice for me because I can listen while I walk. That allows me to fit more reading into my schedule and gives me incentive to get moving.

But audio is also great because it gives new life to a familiar story. It’s one thing to see words in print or on a screen, but a totally different experience to hear a talented narrator perform it.

All this is a prelude to announcing that I have a new audiobook available, The Downs. I’m so excited that K.C. Kelly was available to read it. If you’ve listened to some of my other audiobook, you’ll recognize his work from Brute, Housekeeping, The Tin Box, and Rattlesnake. Obviously, he’s one of my favorite narrators and I’m so thrilled with his newest work.

As with all my self-published works, I’m donating all my proceeds to Doctors Without Borders. So not only do you get a good story, but you’re doing good too.

You can order it now from Audible and Amazon. It will be on iTunes soon.

That cover is a beautiful photo by John Andreson, who very kindly gave me permission to use it. Check out his other work!

Oh, and one other thing. After you listen, I’d deeply appreciate it if you left a review. Thank you!

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