These boots….

Sometimes people ask me whether my characters are anything like me. The answer is no. I’m boring and nobody wants to read a book about me. But now and then my characters and I share a small quirk. In the case of Daveth Blyd from Blyd and Pearce, that quirk involves footwear.

Here’s what Daveth has to say on the matter:

My boots were plain black leather, but they were well made. One thing I don’t skimp on is my footwear, even if it means I go hungry for a time.

And then later:

I scented leather as we passed the cobblers.

Jory noticed me cast a longing glance at a pair of tall chestnut-brown boots. “Tired of black?” he asked with a laugh.

“No. Mine are fine.”

“Yours are very fine. You’ve a taste for good footwear.”

Nothing makes a day more miserable than poorly fitting shoes—or no shoes at all. I’d rarely owned them as a boy, and my feet had always been cold.

I never had to go without shoes as a child, but like Daveth, I appreciate good footwear, especially boots. Um, over-appreciate, perhaps.

Yes, my closet is a mess. I do occasionally straighten it out, but I swear those things walk around while I’m not looking. Also (ahem), this is not my entire footwear collection. My daughters say I have a problem—and then they steal my shoes, so they really shouldn’t complain.

Here are four of my favorites. I’ve had the Docs on the left forever. The red and studded pairs are newer. And I got those Fluevogs on the right about two years ago. Here’s the thing about all of these: while I love the way they look, they’re also practical because they’re comfy. I can walk miles in any of these. The middle two were cheap; the other two were not. But I think Daveth would approve of them all.

Do you have favorite footwear?

4 thoughts on “These boots….”

  1. Everyone in my family is crazy for footwear, and I hesitiate to even guess how many pairs of boots and shoes each of us own. LOL We come by it honestly, as out mother and father loved footwear as well. Some of my favorite boots my father bought me on trips that he took. Lucky. Thanks for sharing, hon, this was a very interesting post!


  2. I saw your comment on the HONY post about the aspiring author. Your insight intrigued me to look you up.

    It’s funny, you say you’re boring and no one would want to read a book about you, yet I find you instantly interesting.

    I love this little bit on the boots. I’m obsessed with, not only great footwear, but clothing in the same regard. Comfortable, long lasting, yet appealing in one way or another. I own a couple pairs of Frye boots and let me tell you, they’re on the slightly higher priced side, but they’re gorgeous, beautifully made and will last through many new soles artfully placed by a cobbler, if cared for of course.

    Free People clothing is equally on the same level for me. Beautiful, made with lovely materials and so comfortable, I generally feel naked, but don’t look naked when I wear them, which is ideal.

    1. Thank you for looking me up, Lauren! And I’m flattered you find me interesting. 🙂

      I have been more than a little tempted by Frye boots more than once and may someday give in. I think good footwear is worth the expense.

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