Upcoming guests

I have a whole bunch of fantastic guests visiting this blog in the next couple of months.

February 4–M.A. Church
February 8–Tali Spencer
February 12–Charlie Cochet
Feburary 15–Matthew Lang
February 21–Skylar Cates
March 3–Chris Kat
March 5–Andrew Gordon
March 12–Cate Ashwood
March 18–Gus Li
March 20–Lex Chase
March 27–LJ LaBarthe
March 28–Grace R. Duncan
April 14–Pinkie Parker
April 19–Madison Parker
April 30–Jessica Davies
May 22–Hayley B. James

I’m really looking forward to these visits. Make sure and stop by here often. And on February 11 I’ll post the Venetian Masks contest.

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