Hi folks! I have not disappeared from the face of the earth. I am actually halfway through a family vacation–which is lots of fun, but doesn’t lead to much productivity.

We had some fantastic entries in the haiku contest! The lovely judges are currently doing their jobs. I’ll announce the winner next week.

If you haven’t done so already, you can download my novella Guarded for free. You can also buy my newest short, “The Border”. And everything at Dreamspinner Press is on sale through the 30th!

Right now I’m working on two winter holiday stories and a short sequel to Guarded, this one focusing on Mato. In August, my Bosnian novella, The Pillar, will be available–with an amazing cover by Shobana Appavu (who also did the cover for Venetian Masks). I’m about to begin edits on my two October releases: the third Bones book, called Bone Dry; and my novella The Dance in the second Gothika anthology (this one has a vodou theme!).

I’m also in the planning stages of a website redesign. I’ll have a new logo, a new look, and some new features. Which brings me to a question: what features would you like to see on my website? Are there things that could make your browsing experience easier, more fun, or more informative? Please let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Update”

  1. Glad you’re enjoying vacation!

    I stated reading Guarded today, I’m really enjoying it so far. I actually read The Tin Box a few weeks ago, it was so enjoyable and powerful!

    Good to see you’ve got a lot of releases coming up! I’m especially looking forward to the third Bones book, as it was winning the second in a giveaway you had that got me stared reading your books! I still have many yet to read, hee hee.

    As for website redesign, I think your posts being categorized or tagged (or both) so that readers can filter if they’re looking for specific things would be neat. Possible categories or tags are guest posts, contests/giveaways, posts on your fiction, personal posts, etc.

  2. A listing of your published books would be very nice – also, forthcoming books as well as works-in-progress, please. 🙂

    The column down the blog page is good, but you’ve got quite a few now and a separate page might showcase them better.

    By the way, I’m looking forward to the third Bones book in Oct. 😀 Yay!


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