Venetian Masks


What an amazing, lush journey Kim Fielding sets the reader on in Venetian Masks. Everything is here, a sumptuous banquet of travelogue, mystery, self discovery, and of course, love. It doesn’t hurt that Fielding sets her story in the city of love, Venice, Italy, a place it appears she is familiar with and loves with a fervor equal to that of a Venetian herself.

Venetian Masks is a wonder of a book and I cannot recommend it enough. The same goes for its creator. Make note of both and go get this book. You’ll be thanking me even while spending more money to grab up everything else she has written. But start here and prepare to fall in love with Jeff and Cleve and of course, Venice, the City of Love.

Joyfully Jay

Un piccolo omaggio al terzo protagonista di questo romanzo: Venezia. Si nota in ogni parola e descrizione che l’autrice ama profondamente questa città: la descrive in modo autentico e pieno di sentimento, e il lettore si perde con Jeff fra le sue calli, vive con lui l’emozione regalata da un giro in gondola, dalla magnificenza di San Marco, dai profumi e dai sapori che esistono solamente in questa città unica al mondo. 

Reading Rainbow Books

Kim Fielding offers us an m/m romance novel (in which the main character is addicted to reading m/m romance novels on his Kindle, LOL) that goes deeper than the average fare in this much-loved genre. Kudos to Ms. Fielding. I expected to like this – but not as much as I ended up liking it.


I don’t know what it is about Kim Fielding that makes me automatically click “buy” on ARe, thus saving me 2 minutes that could be spent reading her books. It’s like a reflex: don’t think, just do. And I think a huge reason why I like (all) her books is her writing style.


 The story was very entertaining, and the rich descriptions of the countries and cultures made me feel as if I was watching a movie. This is a very enjoyable adventure and I highly recommend it