What’s Kim Reading Now?: Amy Lane’ s Johnnies series

I don’t have much time to read nowadays. I have a lot of things currently in the editing process and I’m heading toward the end of the semester. But I do a 3.25 mile walk every day, and while I walk, I listen to audiobooks. Which make the walk way more interesting and give me incentive to get out the door and start moving.

I just finished listening to Amy Lane’s Johnnies series. The first 3 books plus Super Sock Man¬†are narrated by Sean Crisden, and the last is narrated by Gomez Pugh. This was slightly disorienting, but only for a few minutes. Both narrators do a great job. And the books are lovely–angsty, funny, sweet, sexy. My favorite is Dex in Blue, but I enjoyed them all. They really made the miles fly by. Some days I even walked extra just to hear a little more. So I guess I can thank Amy and her boys for improved health.

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