What’s Kim Reading Now: Purpose by Andrew Q. Gordon

Actually, I read this one a while ago, but it’s stuck with me.

William Morgan lost his humanity 40 years ago when he was possessed by a spirit of vengeance. Over the years, he’s served his Purpose–but he’s also lost touch with all that is kind and good in the world. Things change when he meets Ryan, a young man who lacks self-confidence but who turns out to be stronger than either man thinks.

I liked the premise of this story a lot.┬áThe theme of vengeance stealing compassion, sympathy, and love from the heart is very well done. It’s all put together in an original way, with strong, tight writing. I easily got lost in the world the author has created.

In some ways, this is not a typical romance. Yet the growing relationship between William and Ryan serves a major purpose in advancing the plot. I also liked both characters very much. It’s not a light read, but definitely an engrossing one.

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