What’s Kim Reading Now?: The Slave by Kate Aaron

I do so love a good slave story. The Slave by Kate Aaron is told from the point of view of Tamelik, who’s been a slave since he was a boy. He’s come to love his master very fiercely, so he’s more than a little conflicted when he’s ordered to buy a second slave. Tam chooses Kai, a former soldier who has not taken well to captivity.

I liked all three main characters here: Tam, Kai, and the master. Kate Aaron does a great job making the reader understand what’s going on in Tam’s head and, though his eyes, letting us see Kai’s transformation. The master is more of an enigma, at least for now. The writing is beautiful, but what really shines here is the world-building, which is outstanding.

I always have to suspend disbelief a little to accept slaves who are happy with their servitude, but Aaron deftly enables me to do so in this book.

This is the first book in a trilogy. The second, The Soldier, is told from Kai’s POV. It has more plot and less sex and romance. The third book, The Master, released today I believe.

The Slave by Kate Aaron is available from Amazon.

Have you read this book? I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

6 thoughts on “What’s Kim Reading Now?: The Slave by Kate Aaron”

  1. I finished reading The Master this morning,I absolutely loved this trilogy! Like you said, the world building is excellent and Kate Aaron’s writing is beautiful. It was so easy to fall in love with Tam and Kai and the first two books had me tearing up several times. The Master was a satisfying conclusion but not as intense a read as books 1 and 2.

  2. Oh, if you enjoy slave stories I’d like to recommend “Every Good Thing” by M. Jules Aedin. I just loved this novel; have read it several times. You might call it an “alternate universe historical fantasy” (is there such a genre?). If you should happen to read the book at some point in the future, please do let us know what you think of it.

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