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It’s been a busy few weeks.

The end of May is always crazy for me anyway because it’s the end of the semester, which means exams and papers to grade and panicky students to deal with. But this year has been extra nuts.

My older daughter graduated high school. Yay! Now we need to get her ready to move to Oregon, where she’ll be attending college.

The very next day, my younger daughter finished junior high school. It’s hard to believe she’ll be in high school in the Fall.

Meanwhile, I’ve been in edits with two novels and am trying really hard to finish a third. And this week I’m getting ready for a 10-state road trip through the northwestern part of the United States, with the older kid accompanying me. There will be photos, so make sure you’re following me on Facebook and Twitter.

Last week, I released one of my stories, “The Clockwork Heart,” as a freebie, complete with a beautiful cover by Lex Chase. You can download it here. If all goes well, the audiobook of Bone Dry should come out in June.

My quarterly newsletter will be going out soon. If you’re not already a subscriber, you can sign up here.

And one more thing! Together with several other authors, I’ll be attending Sacramento Pride Fest on June 3. Other authors planning to attend include J. Scott Coatsworth, Amy Lane, Pat Henshaw, LE Franks, Jennifer Baxter, Michael C. Schutz, and Davin L Kent. We’ll have books for sale and prizes and swag to give away, so if you’re in the Sac area, I hope to see you there.



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